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The Power of Eight

8.jpgFriday is August 8, 2008, and the numerologists are once again going crazy.  We saw this on May 5, 2005, we saw it in a big way on June 6, 2006, and now we are re-experiencing it for 08-08-2008.  Numerology does not use the two-digit abbreviation for the year, so June 6, 2006 actually added up to 6-6-2006 or 20, which is a 2 rather than a 6.

August 8, 2008, however, actually does add up to 8:  8-8-2008, or 16 + 10 = 26 = 8.  In China, the Summer Olympics will open on August 8 at 8:08:08 pm.  The word for “8” in Chinese is similar to the word “wealth” or “fortune.”  Chinese couples are rushing to marry on August 8, believing it to me an extremely auspicious day. 


In Indian numerology the number 8 is ruled by Saturn and denotes a hard worker and eventual success. Still, ignoring the significance of my pal Saturn whom Indian astrologers term a “malefic” planet, many Indians nevertheless beleive that Friday will be a day of good luck and good fortune.

August 8 has been declared Galactic Freedom Day calling for the end of secret government agreements concerning extraterrestrial life.  Since 8 is the number of Pluto and Scorpio, the exposure of that which is hidden is also signified.  

Many esoteric teachings reveal that the number 8, the lemniscate or infinity symbol turned on its side, represents the achievement of balance and correction of imbalance.  In the Tarot, 8 is the number of accomplishment and achievement.

So, for my friend D whose birthday is Friday and who may be anxious about the meaning of all of these 8s:  Let’s make 8-8-08 a day to correct any imbalance in our lives, to work hard at what is truly important to us, and enjoy the faith and knowledge that success is just on the other side of the doorway.

  • Dharmashaiva

    In India (as well as in European pagan traditions), Friday is ruled by the benefic planet Venus, which would probably account for the good vibes this Friday is expected to bring, even though 8 is associated with Saturn: in Hindu astrology, Venus and Saturn are friends one to another.

  • catgurl

    It’s interesting to note that Venus is the ruler of Libra and the sign also happens to be Saturn’s exaltation. So 8-8-08 being on a Venus day (Friday) and the 8 basic number vibrating to Saturn really speaks of balancing the imbalance. This is so Venus/Saturn!

  • Lynn Hayes

    Thanks Car and Dharma for noting the Friday/Venus connection. I believe that the English word for Friday comes from the goddess Freya, the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Love. The Romans called Friday Dia Veneris, or the Day of Venus.

  • Lindsey-Lei

    I was born on August 8th, 1986 at 8:04am. I’ve always thought it was cool, and 8 has been my lucky number.
    Was on my way to work tonight and it just kind of popped into my head… POWER OF EIGHT. I thought about writing a book. More of a imaginary tale type thing.
    Anywho, so I came across this page. It gave me a lot of idea’s. More or less to get the story started.
    Though this really got me thinking, like what if on my birthday its like a new beginning. A day to change and make my future better. Ive had a rough road and maybe thats the day things in my life will change. I dont know, I was told that this is supposed to be my lucky birthday. Its the day of the olympics, and the airshow here. My cousins wedding.
    Anyways, just wanted to leave a little bit of thoughts here.

  • Leslie

    I wonder about next year and 9-9-2008 (9/11). I was reading on another blog that there is a connection between this date and the Trade Center attacks, and the Asian tsunami after Christmas. The theory is that something this time will came from the sky. I think it was called the Virgo triplicity meaning one from the ground, one under water and the next from the sky. Is their anything about 9-9-2008 that says disaster?

  • tebs

    I was born on August 8th,1980. I have been through tough times but I always hope things will be fine, I wonder if this Friday things will turn around for me, I kind’a feel down right now.

  • Eme

    “Let’s make 8-8-08 a day to correct any imbalance in our lives, to work hard at what is truly important to us, and enjoy the faith and knowledge that success is just on the other side of the doorway.”
    Right on!

  • Lynn Hayes

    Lindsey, what a great story. Birthdays are special days – they are the day that the Sun returns to its place in our birthcharts: the Solar Return. The Solar Return is like a map for the next year, and there is a sense of new beginnings. Many people hate their birthdays because they dread growing older, but I think they miss a really important milestone.
    Leslie: Is their anything about 9-9-2008 that says disaster? I read about this on Ellie Crystal’s blog. No, there’s nothing astrological for September 9 that’s any worse than any other day. People like to freak themselves out I think.

  • Marianne

    I always believed 8 to be a very challenging number and not really fortunate at all (unless you consider tough lessons fortunate). I’d never do anything important like get married on the 8th of any month!

  • Amitabh Majumdar

    I was born on 08-08-1971. What I feel I am not progressing. Could you please tell me if I were born with misfortune date? or is there something store for me in future.

  • Adele Aldridge

    Just to note that the Hexagram for #8 in I Ching is the situation of Union or Holding Together – the image of water over the earth. I always like receiving the Hexagram 8 in a reading.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Amitabh, please join the Astrological Musings group (see the box on the right sidebar of the blog) and submit your question with your birth info and I’ll take a quick look at your chart.Adele, thanks for sharing that I Ching hexagram info! I have always felt that eight is a powerful number of transformation. The last house I lived in (for 14 years) had the address of 1907 which added up to eight, and that was an incredible time for me. Intense, dramatic, and completely transformative.

  • Anonymous

    I was born Nov. 26. 1958. According to Linda Goodman’s Star Signs Book, I am an 8- 2 + 6 = 8. She also says 8 is the most unlucky number in all of numerology. It’s a bad karma number. Even my marrid name is super bad luck numerologically because it’s an 8 also.
    On the other hand Dan Milman’s Numerology book says I’m a 33/6 which isn’t such a bad number.. Who do I believ? Why Millman of course.. I am a Sagittarius after all..

  • yvonne

    Here’s another version of the interpretation for # 8:
    According to “The Brydlovan Theory of the Origin of Numbers” (Macoy
    Publ. 1922, copyright by Bozena Brydlova in IO UNVEILED), Number 8
    is the Female, the Ovum. It occured in the 8th phase of Evolutionin the separation of the sexes (number 9 is the Male Spermatzoon).
    It could be unlucky for some and auspicious for others enjoying the
    fruit of the tree of Life. Number 8 also corresponds to the 8th Tarot
    card, showing a woman closing the lion’s jaws. Her strength is in her
    gentleness. “love conquers wrath….hate breeds hatred”.
    Pluto and Scorpio are both feminine, or negative, as opposed to positive. #8 therefore could also “represent balance and correction
    of imbalance”.

  • Dave

    Beliefnet should tell the whole truth about tarot cards on their website. It is not right for the corporate media to distort and stereotype people’s culture in this way. Tarot cards were made for nothing more than a card game. There is no proof they were intended to have any of the meanings assigned to them by later occultists. Beliefnet also have the facts wrong on the history of tarot. Contrary to what Beliefnet states on their website, the modern 52 card pack is not derived from tarot cards. Beliefnet relies exclusively on Paul O’brien and for their often inaccurate (mis)information on tarot cards. Not only were tarot cards originally used to play real card games, people today are playing card games with tarot cards. It seems that corporate websites like Beliefnet and would prefer to keep people in the dark about the fact that tarot is really a pack of playing cards which were intended and still are used for playing card games.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Anon – we make our own luck and create our own reality as you, a Sag, so well know. :)

  • Laura

    Dave, I guess to unenlightened people the tarot could be see as “just a game”
    Why is it so important that You “get the word out about Tarot?”

  • laura

    Dave,I suppose to unenlightened people Tarot is “just a game”,LOL!
    I want to know why it is so important that you “get the word out?”

  • Lynn Hayes

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone playing cards with a Tarot deck, but David is correct that the Tarot probably began as cards with which to play the Italian game Tarocchi.. The speculation that the Tarot originated in the mystery cults of ancient Egypt has been debunked. But that doesn’t negate the use of spiritual seekers today to access guidance and information that comes from within. Synchronicity can work through cards, tea leaves, entrails, and even bones for some people!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never seen anyone “playing cards” with a Tarot deck, either.

  • Janelle

    According to Numerology I am a 17/8 ( 12/18/1985) and they described it as being a natural leader with an eye for business, management, wealth and being an inspiration to others. I think tomorrow will be a FABULOUS DAY. Lol the Super Sag in me says so. I don’t get the point of being so fatalistic, isn’t it easier to see the brighter side of life?

  • yvonne

    RE: the Tarot deck of cards explained by Dave: originally they
    were Not just a playing deck of cards, although they were disguised
    to be only that. The Church was strong and oppresive in the
    Middle Ages in Europe and destroyed all higher learning that
    didn’t go along with them. Maybe it was the Gypsies of that time
    who kept the higher knowledge of life by putting its truth drawn
    onto playing cards so that people would think it was “just a game”
    and therefore not want to destroy them. The Tarot, this way, has
    survived all these hundreds of years!

  • Dave

    There is no proof that those cards were meant for anything more than card playing. The Church did not routinely condemn tarot cards and they were often exempt from gaming bans. The notion that tarot cards are concealing heretical doctrines is a kind of pseudo-history similar to the Da Vinci Code. The Da Vinci Code is wrong about the tarot pack just as it is wrong about Opus Dei and a variety of other topics. Beliefnet and are spreading the same false occult theories as the Da Vinci Code and I think a tarot truth movement is in order to rectify their distortions.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Dave is correct in his comments about the Tarot (although not, I think, correct in his saying that the websites Beliefnet and are intentionally spreading falsehoods. These websites hire writers who write their opinions.) These writers include noted Tarot experts Mary Greer and Robert Place, and Tarot historian Mark Filipas. They conclude, among other things, (1)that there is no evidence that the Gypsies used Tarot until the 20th century; before then they used ordinary playing cards; (2) that the Tarot evolved from the playing cards and not the other way around although they do find evidence that early Renaissance scholars were influenced by hermeticism, astrology and other mysteries and that these influences could have affected the evolving design of the Tarot; and (3) that there is no mention of the Tarot in occult philosophy until 1781.

  • Alissa Clough

    Actually, you can (and I have) played whist with Tarot cards, and many people do in Austria and other German-speaking nations. As much as I love the Golden Dawn/OTO/Aleister Crowley’s magickal systems, yeah, Tarot is more-or-less “only a pack of cards” (as Alice exclaimed near the end of her stay Under Ground), and was used for playing upscale social and educational children’s games (the Trumps were supposed to illustrate various moral maxims) until 1788, when a Parisian wine merchant published a book suggesting they be used for fortune-telling. This was taken up by various scholars, who suggested that Tarot cards might have had something to do with Ancient Egypt (no such luck, unfortunately),
    yvonne, I suggest you read a few history books before you trot out the old canard of a juggernaut Medieval Christianity systematically mowing down (insert favorite group here). Part of the reason why there wasn’t too much literacy going on was that there wasn’t anything cheap and permanent to write on. (The earliest Tarot decks were made of thin metal — often gold! — and parchment is leather.) Higher learning there was a’plenty, if you count logic, composition, astronomy (which included all known astrology), law, music, even numerology (which was considered part and parcel of arithmetic). Far from excluding mysticism, most books written during the medieval period considered metaphysics just as much a part of life and thought as mechanics. It’s just not our (post-modern) metaphysics!

  • steve

    who friking cares!

  • steve

    In American Culture the number 8 isn’t lucky. Ever hear of “behind the 8 ball”! If 8 is lucky why don’t casinos have 888 on their slots you only see 777

  • Mary

    Our daughter is very interested…her birthday today…turning 44, which is also an 8!…Anything additional about that?

  • mez

    I love the number 4 for some reason, i used to count things in 4’s when i was a kid. Bit of childhood OCD maybe. Number 8 is nice too as it’s divisible by 4 and a nice round number, i hate odd numbers.

  • yvonne

    Alissa Clough
    RE: Tarot
    You just want to keep every body happy in denying the true
    origin of the Tarot. And you are trying to throw everyone
    off track with all your dug-up history lessons and dates.
    Or else you’re a Catholic.
    I may have been mistaken in using the name “gypsies” rather
    than another name “Bohemians”. “Nothing cheap or permanent
    in those times to write on”, you say. Exactly why the tarot
    deck was used for guarding the higher truths and keeping them
    perpetuated all this time.

  • scooby

    Why was six afraid seven? The following number was a verb that caused the preceding number to fear the fate of two numbers later, that’s why.
    Astrologists and Numerologists tend to revert to Ptolemic beliefs to sustain their mythology. If they didn’t the numbers would not add up and the dots would not connect. But gee Wally, I can actually count to eight with my own two handfuls of fingers, that’s gotta mean something!

  • Lynn Hayes

    Yvonne – you must have missed the comment I posted with an actual history project by respected Tarot professionals regarding the history of the Tarot. Alissa didn’t make this up, historians have done this research. Take a look and see what you think.

  • wonderlust

    Sorry but couldn’t help but think of Comedian Steven Wrights quote…
    Stayed up all night playing poker with a Tarot deck. Got a full house and 4 people died.
    The 8’s each decade have been tumultious meteorological years as well… Blizzard of 78, etc.
    This one certainly hasnt been a dissappointment. As far back as 1748, thru 1888, and 1908, etc.
    see the 2008 farmers almanac, ‘crazy 8’s’
    :) ~~wonderlust~~

  • yvonne

    Lynn: Yes, in my haste I must have overlooked your comment about
    the historical dates of the Tarot’s origin. But since preserving
    the universal Truths that the dark forces wanted surpressed for their
    own ends, alot of the actual facts may not have been revealed to this
    day, altho I had a Teacher from a very old school who did know about
    it occultly. Let’s not discuss it anymore, as I value the Tarot cards
    no matter when or how!
    By the way, I really appreciate and enjoy your new web-site with your
    astrological musings. They are very insightful with interpretations
    of charts and aspects that help me learn more. I even take notes!
    The Internet is still new to me and I love it here! THANK YOU. Yvonne

  • 8/8/8

    So 8/8/8 the day of the crossroads. Those who do not acknowledge the change that this date prepares for will miss it. The balance is either achieved or lost. And for those who know the power of a wand, it would be imperative not to miss this day.

  • SupaW

    You people are crazy! Its just a number!!!!!

  • Tarockspieler

    I played French Tarot all night with the Tarot of Marseilles. I bid Garde Contre and the house exploded!

  • Alissa Clough

    Can I speak up for the Eighth Tarot Card as a sign of Strength, or Lust, as being symbolic of the Scarlet Woman, which in Jack Parson’s version of Thelema, means the dawn of a new age of women in leadership and science? It would make more sense if Hillary had won the nomination, but…Perhaps we’ll see a flood of woman Nobelists soon?

  • Alissa Clough

    yvonne: you may discuss history
    You need a new teacher, or perhaps, teaching anew.

  • Jack West

    God thinks numbers are important: He made it one of the books in The Torah, in fact, the third one…three is a mystic number in all the world religions. As for myself, 8 is the number that the numbers of my home addresses all add up to and the present wisdom says that as last year the number 7 in Biblical thinking meant completion, this year means a new beginning.

  • Tarockspieler

    Seriously though, from a gamer’s point of view, it is not bad that people are using tarot cards for divination, but when a perception is created where people believe that divination is the original or the only possible use of the cards, then this is where and are stereotyping people’s card games. I don’t think the way presents the suits of playing cards and tarot cards is accurate and it misrepresents culture. Tarot cards do not really have their own suit signs. There are Spanish and Italian playing cards with the same suit signs as the Minor Arcana and there are also tarot cards with the same suit signs as the poker deck.

  • Lynn Hayes

    I don’t think the way presents the suits of playing cards and tarot cards is accurate and it misrepresents culture. Tarot cards do not really have their own suit signs. There are Spanish and Italian playing cards with the same suit signs as the Minor Arcana and there are also tarot cards with the same suit signs as the poker deck. I think you are lumping historical tarot cards with the Tarot as it is now used. I think we can agree (except Alyssa) that the Tarot may not have begun as a divination tool, but there’s no doubt that once the Rider-Waite deck came around its use began to change. The site is based on the use today of the thousands of Tarot decks that are produced for the purpose of divination, not the historical use of cards for playing games.

  • Alissa Clough

    Oh, but I do support all of the deck’s modern uses. You can make a great divination tool with almost anything, as the Rabbi Lamed ben Clifford said in the Book of Ordinary Oracles. It’s simply that I don’t think spouting pseudohistory can make it any better.

  • mohan

    The idea that any number has any significance whatsoever is absurd, unless it relates to your salary or the weights and measures!The idea that a date is fixed is itself absurd. The calendar has changed over time and what is 8.8.08 today might not have been so a few hundred years ago when this Gregorian calendar was predated by another. So dates are only nominal and not actual exact periods so that an anniversary for example is not on the actual day of the week it fell on originally, so some people observe certain days as sacred which actually are nominally those days of the week because if another calendar was maintained they would be different days.So you can believe the date is whatever you want it to be. I didn’t know that the Chinese followed the Christian calendar, or is it just a huge con they are perpetrating on the stupid foreigners? Even the Hindu and Muslim calendars show that day is a quite different date…….

  • Tarockspieler

    Divination is not the only modern use of the cards. Card games with tarot cards did not die out. They are still played today although they have not been imported outside Europe in a big way. The games may be played online or from software game programs which may be downloaded and because of this fact people outside Europe are now started to find out about these games. The popular conception of tarot in countries such as the US as a tool used only for divination is mostly based on ignorance of not only how it was used historically but how people in other parts of the world might still use them. Our perception of the tarot suit signs is also based on ignorance of the playing cards used in other parts of the world.’s description of the suit signs is based on this kind of ignorance. However, our exposure to the many exotic games played around the world is bound to have an effect on how people see these cards.

  • Acai Berry Power

    Nice bog you have here. I pretty much lurk the internet when I’m bored and read all I can about the organic lifestyle, but I really liked you view on things. I’ll bookmark the site and subscribe to the feed!

  • Matthew Joseph Fontenot (Font no)

    i am in love with life karma and harmony my birthday was the big 8 and get this i turned 26=8 it was so wierd for my experiance truly filling if i learned one thing in the past month it is always due your best to harmonize

  • Andrew

    Most interesting. I had a synchronistic experience a few years ago on my birthday. The number 23 had always been my favourite, adding up to my life number of 5. My birthday is 15th August (15+8=23). The year was 1994 (1+9+9+4=23) and it was my 23rd birthday. I spent the day wandering around Sequoiah National Park talking to gnomes.

  • aqua
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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment jacqueline carey

    my birthday is 8/8/1980

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Justin

    8/8/88 I turnd 8 sumtime between 11:45 p.m. whn he was last seen n 12:20 a.m. whn he was found n pronounced dead my cousin was n a dirtbike wreck n was killed n a female dominated fam he was my hero my rolemodel n the eyes he was IT! Losing him n tht way on tht day always left me feeling cursed. I was left to fig out fot myself how to b a man, i became a uncle 8/28/88 n as i got older i made it my mission to try 2 b 2 my nephews what John Elton was to me to giv thm what was denieied me growing up. I did a great job at it I still do a great job n his memory is never stale a day n my life, i use to get mad at god for takin him knowing he was all i haf n i needed him n it wasnt until a few yrs ago i finally saw his plan see god was preparing me on 8/8/88 n started on 8/28/88 for the 8 nephews my 3 sisters would give me . 8 was once a cursed num n my life but now i c the huge impact ths num has n wil always hav on my life

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