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The McCain-Palin ticket: an astrological perspective

mccain-palin.jpg Note:  This will be my last political post for a short while – politics is fascinating but too much of anything is not always a good thing. An obsession with politics can too easily take us away from our own internal process and a life that is grounded in a greater reality.

(If you missed Friday’s article about Sarah Palin, catch up here.) One of the most interesting tools that astrology provides is a glimpse into the inner workings of interpersonal relationships.  Evidently McCain only met Sarah Palin once, at a governors meeting, before choosing her as his running mate, so their chemistry is untested. 


I’ve updated the original profile of Sarah Palin to reflect my (educated) guess that Palin’s Moon is in Capricorn, and if that is true it harmonizes with McCain’s Moon, also in Capricorn.  The Capricorn moon has a deep-rooted drive for success and achievement of one’s goals – there is a strong sense of responsibility and respect for the establishment. 

McCain and Palin share a conflict in their charts between this need for the established structure.  McCain’s Virgo Sun respects rules and requires order, and the Capricorn Moon and Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) retrograde in his chart depict a never-ending struggle to live up to one’s own regulations.  On the other hand, Mars (in volatile Leo) squares Uranus in his chart revealing his notorious temper and rebelliousness.  Palin’s Saturn conjuncts her Mars, suggesting that she must channel her drive and desires (Mars) through the rigidity of Saturn, and this combined with her Capricorn Moon is a strong indicator for someone who adheres to the rules and regulations of the status quo.  On the other hand, her strong Aquarian nature makes her a natural rebel.


It’s great that McCain and Palin share this duality, which makes them both mavericks (Uranus/Aquarius)  in the conservative world (Saturn/Capricorn).  But what happens if they don’t agree on where to buck the system, and where to adhere to the status quo?  I predict that tempers will flare and there will be a lot of juicy gossip as a result. 

Palin’s and McCan’s Mercuries are exactly trine (harmonious aspect) each other: her Mercury is in Aquarius and his is in Libra.  Mercury shows the way we communicate, so this is an excellent aspect for two people who must share ideas and communicate well together.  However, Uranus in Palin’s chart sits right on McCain’s Sun.  This is very exciting to McCain as Uranus can be quite stimulating, but its tendency towards surprise and sudden change is unsettling to him as well.  He will never be really certain where he stands with her..


The number of tight aspects between the charts of two individuals gives a sense of how connected their lives will be.  Whether those aspects are harmonious or difficult, if there are many points of contact between the two charts their destinies are usually tightely intertwined (we saw that with Obama and Biden.)  In the case of McCain and Palin, the aspects between their charts are generally favorable although there are not a great deal of close connections which suggests that they will not share any great destiny together.  They are on separate paths which collide for a short time.

The composite chart shows the nature of the relationship as it stands separate from the two individuals.  In this case, the Sun is at 29 degrees Scorpio, a critical degree that in horary astrology suggests that something will end.  I am not an expert in fixed star astrology, but this degree is square to (conflicts with) the fixed star Regulus at 29 Leo, which presides over rulership and leadership, as well as Alcyone at 29 Taurus which according to Rob Tillett rules “ambition, honor and glory, and trouble with the opposite sex.”  We also see a square of Mars in Taurus, which shows perseverance but can also be extremely stubborn, to Pluto.  This combination illustrates conflict in the relationship, and a struggle for power and dominance.


Overall this is not a very good astrological pick for a running mate.  Transiting Uranus (radical change and surprising events)  is conjunct Saturn in McCain’s chart right now and opposing his natal Venus.  This can often be a stressful time for a marriage, since Uranus instills a desire for change at any price and an abhorrence of the status quo.  One has to wonder whether in making this pick for VP McCain may be introducing a new woman into his life in a way that is politically acceptable.

Sarah Palin has been embraced by the religious right of the Republican party and that will help McCain win over that constituency.  But when these two are thrust together in the intensity of the campaign limelight, the weakness in this alliance will be more evident.

  • Beth Owl’s Daughter

    >In the case of McCain and Palin, the aspects between their charts are generally favorable although there are not a great deal of close connections which suggests that they will not share any great destiny together. They are on separate paths which collide for a short time.
    Personally, I would love to interpret this to indicate that this alliance will be an small, interesting footnote of history, completely overshadowed by the outstanding, legendary Obama Presidency that came to be.

  • Jill

    Given John McCain’s history of zeroing in on younger, attractive women who can help his political aspirations, I have to wonder what the Botoxed-to-death Cindy McCain thinks of all this. Especially after watching him staring at Palin’s breasts during her entire speech.

  • Leah

    You do great work Lynn and I love reading your posts, especially this one! I appreciate that Palin is a success in Alaska, but for McCain to choose her as a running mate – a total unknown, inexperienced and lets not forget beautiful, this late in the game just feels suspiciously odd. I appreciate the insight you have provided through astrology. Most of all, I’m thrilled to hear “They are on separate paths which collide for a short time.”
    Obama/Biden all the way!!

  • Neith

    Thanks for taking time to write the political posts but I totally understand why you wish to limit them. :-)
    Can’t help but wonder if Neptune’s transit to Palin’s Sun-Mars-Saturn, activating her natal square to that stellium, has her walking around like a dry drunk. Being nominated for VP is heady stuff and if I were in her position I would be seriously questioning my judgment. My suspicion is she is caught up in dreams of power and glory right now and overlooking the reality this decision will have on her family life. Living in the White House is like living in a fishbowl and is HARD on all who do.
    Mars-Pluto squares in the composite . . . my partner and I have one of those. Very tricky waters to navigate!!

  • SB

    ::cries a little::
    You gotta do what you gotta do, Lynn, but I will miss the political posts. ‘Tis the season, and this blog is a happy marriage of two of my favorite subjects. Thanks for this synastric/composite overview, though.

  • Beaverlodge

    Right on Lynn. The McCain/Palin partnership was over as soon as it was put together. People may relate to her views on relgion/guns/oil, but she does live in Alaska and the psyche of the US, [Cancer] is protective and non-inclusive. The US is home-based and Alaska feels like a foreign country. She won’t fly in the minds of most Americans because she will feel like a foreigner. I can hardly image McCain saying he wanted Palin for his VP, so who told him that it was a great idea? And he listened to them. Who are “they”? Oil money put the Bushes in the White House, oil money put Palin in the Alaskan Governer’s seat and oil money put McCain up to choosing Palin for his running mate.

  • Steve

    Lynn. Nice work…but is it fair to so blithely gloss over the candidates’ Moons in Capricorn as “deep-rooted drive to success and achievement of one’s goals?” Everything is subject to spin, and your interpretation has superficial merit, but certainly it should be mentioned how dark this Capricorn moon, in its detriment, can be. Classic astrological interpretation rightfully points out a difficult psychological stamp here…the individual who never feels they can live up to their mother’s expectations and who thus strive through all their lives to attain something good enough to impress mom. These people often wrestle with depression and a sense that it is the nature of reality for the world to be harsh and people to be users (so they grant themselves plenty of moral and ethical leeway). Just my two cents, but this is what really bonds the two candidates…and I’m not personally voting for it.

  • DD

    Please at least one political astrological analysis a week? These are fascinating and the comments are energized and interesting. I appreciate the multiple additions of perspective to the mix. Astrology is a great way to get some, as unbiased as possible, perspective on what is going on.
    So, please at least one (or more) astrological analysis?!!!!!!
    I would like to see how the Obama/Biden composite chart works with the USA chart and likewise with the McCain/Palin. I would like to see the discussion on this.

  • Gregory LeFever

    I can certainly understand your desire to veer away from politics after the tsunami of comments prompted by your earlier Sarah Palin post. It’s a shame some people are so quick to exhibit their ignorance by not taking the time to check out facts – using established and accepted sources – before attacking others with blatantly erroneous statements.
    It’s our loss because your astrological perspectives on politics have been insightful and of great interest to many, including us non-astrologers. Perhaps if some of your readers behave themselves a bit better, you’ll be willing to provide us with more readings as the election nears. After all, this is one election cycle where astrological commentary is making far more sense than any of the more traditional pundits.

  • Dharmaruci

    Hi Lynn, I wonder if part of the equation is that you might sometimes be giving yourself too much of a journalistic imperative, so that you can feel that your blog audience needs you to comment on events as they happen? Which doesn’t mean that you don’t write good stuff, you do, but I don’t think you need to write on e.g. the VP as it happens. Have a week or two with it at the back of your mind letting the symbols ripen, then blog it, and as you know you’ll find it more satisfying, more part of your bigger picture: readers sense when that is happening, and I’m sure it wouldn’t harm your stats!

  • Reagen

    I’ve seen Sarah Palin give the same speech twice; yet, I somehow missed John McCain looking at her breasts the whole time. In any event, although he was obviously smiling while she was speaking, I remember saying to my husband that I had the distinct impression that he was not all that comfortable with her and perhaps he was wishing that she would shut up somewhat. I realise that she was introducing herself to the country, but I kept thinking of the way that grade school teachers speak to the parents. LOL I liked her much better when I saw her speak on live call-in shows on television – liked her a Lot, in fact, but hearing that she is against abortion in All situations, makes me feel that she can be somewhat heartless (Capricorn influence?), and her idea that Creationism should be taught in school, makes me feel that she may be a little delusional (Neptune issues) and stubborn (Mars in Taurus – have this myself).
    I respect your decision to stop with the astro-political analyses for a while as there Is a greater reality and the psyche must be tended to in many of its forms. You are the only astrologer who gives these wonderful interpretations of our current politics, that I have found, so they will be missed.
    I’m not comfortable with Either candidate. sigh
    P.S. Regarding a comment from one of your readers, yeterday – “In 2005, before Palin ran for office, the Palin family accused Wooten of drinking a beer while in his patrol car, illegal hunting and firing a Taser at his 11-year-old stepson. The Palins also claimed Wooten threatened to kill Sarah Palin’s father.” In Palin’s defense, if this is True, then I would want to have him fired, too!

  • Anonymous

    Terribly sorry. I misspoke regarding the comment from yesterday. The quote I copied and pasted was actually in RESPONSE to what the reader was stating, specifically, that Palin was up on ethics charges for trying to fire her ex brother-in-law – inappropriately.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Thanks everyone, but I just meant I was going to take a little break. I too am very interested in the political astrology, but I like to keep a balance on the blog. There’s plenty of other stuff going on as well!

  • Achernar

    Sarah Palin nació a las 07:06:26 am., el 11FEB1964.

  • Reagen`

    Hi Lynn, I understood that you are taking a break. We are all just so deliciously Spoiled having you around! LOL xoxo

  • Beau

    I must admit I have been loving your blog, and read it regularly. Am an Obama/Biden fan and am on pins and needles all over again with this Palin choice. My very democratic brother has been an AK resident for the past 30 years and he is pretty even handed about Palin who got to the governor’s office by publicaly admonishing the head of the Repug party in AK, and promises to lower property taxes. AK is the only state I know of with a budget surplus due to oil. Apparently the oil companies are not loving her, she made a deal with a Canadian company for a gas line. But my guess is that she would make sure AK gets plenty of benefits for exploration. They already get 1500.00 per person (everyone) from the oil pipeline. And there is a rumor in AK that the governor was planning to offset the high price of gas with another 1500.00 per person in the coming year. So is everyone in AK on the dole thanks to big oil? Yes, I would say so and why wouldn’t they like the repugs given the handouts?
    I’m very interested in what you think of the election day and inauguration day charts, some harrowing predictions on the latter that I’ve been hearing. I am looking for some positivity here, and must say you are always so well balanced and grounded. Thanks Lynn for helping us sleep at night during these trying times.

  • Dharmashaiva

    Achernar, how reliable is your birthtime information for Gov. Palin?

  • Reagen

    If the above birth time is correct, then unless I am mistaken (and I’m not reallly an astrologer; I just ‘play one on t.v.’), then Ms. Palin has a Very LARGE Aquarian first house – including the sun, mars and saturn conjunct, chiron in Pisces and venus and jupiter in Aries – but still all in the first house!
    Her moon is in the 12th (Lynn was right; it is in Capricorn) – last degree) and conjunct her 1st degree Mercuty in Aquarius (again Aquarius!)
    Oh my Land! What is going on here? I cannot believe that with all of that Aquarian energy and the U.S. currently having an Aquarian north node (at time of election, I think), that this would not be rather auspicious (or ominous, depending how you look at it) … (or animus for us Jungians)… time will tell.

  • sheris White

    The time of 7:06:26 was given on Jude’s Threshold blog. Jude uses a sunrise time when she doesn’t have a birth time.

  • Anonymous

    I am completely counting on this choice to backfire harshly against McCain. That he would consider this woman fit to run our nation should he become ill or something disgusts and appalls me. As I said somewhere else she must have been told this nom was purely cosmetic – how else could a mother of two young kids and a teen manage to juggle the home and work, what, 12 hour days? Even if she had Cheney’s kickback schedule, it would be ridiculous. And no that is not being sexist; she’s the mother and mothers are usually the central focus in a home. Sorry, this reeks of such B.S. it makes me sick.

  • Kelly

    Sarah Palin is a corruption-fighter and not afraid to stand up to anyone in any party. She’s no affirmative action case, like Ophah’s boy…she EARNED her way, running the biggest state in the country. There are women who would not vote for a woman President, and they are Democrats, evidently.
    As an Independent, I’m on board with the new progressive, GOP.

  • Lynn Hayes

    The time of 7:06:26 was given on Jude’s Threshold blog. Jude uses a sunrise time when she doesn’t have a birth time. .
    This is not a birth time, just the time that the sun came up. With all respect to Jude who is a respected colleague, I wouldn’t use this to assess the ascendant or house structure. I usually use a noon chart with no birthtime because it’s halfway through the day which gives us a better idea of where the moon is, and then I put the Sun in the first house.
    So let’s not use this birthtime until a legitimate birth time makes itself known.

  • cimbalok

    Sorry to see the political posts go for a while because I enjoy them most of all. For those of you who need your political “astrofix” you can click on Nancy’s Blog over on the right under Political Astrology. Nancy is spot-on with the astrology and her math and timing for events is exceptional. Her commenters often fight with each other but rarely attack her. They can’t. She’s too darn good. She’s a rational and calm voice (that’s my Moon & Mercury in Aquarius talking) that doesn’t take the drama bait.
    Lynn, I love all your posts and check in with you every day! Keep up the great work.

  • Roderick

    Lynn, I understand that you wanted to stop posting on politics for a while before Dawn made her Obama as Hilter statement.
    Nancy has ‘Josh’ who post his rants against ‘the Left’ every other day. We just ignore him as if he were the crazy uncle in the basement.
    Of course this is your blog, but please don’t allow disrupt your blog.
    Have a great Labor Day.

  • Lynn

    Thanks Cimba – and ditto on Nancy’s Blog. She’s a great mundane astrologer – I just dabble. I’m better with people.
    Roderick, my wanting to take a break from politics has nothing to do with Dawn, and I welcome her input. I didn’t care that much for the Hitler comments, but I like to know what others are thinking, even if it sometimes mystifies me. But I’m such a political junkie, and I find I have to detach myself from it now and then to remember that life has a rhythm that goes beyond the news. I don’t want to get lost in the mindiness of the political scene, and between the convention and the VP picks, it’s been intense!
    I also want to pace myself, because when Rachel Maddow’s show begins on September 8 I’ll be there!!

  • Dawn

    I think I’ll lay off from commenting for a while, since people choose to misconstrue statements they don’t agree with or yet understand.
    Time will truly tell. There are much more substantive problems with the Obama/Biden ticket than McCain/Palin face as per a pregnancy. I will mention Larry Sinclair, whom Beau Biden got imprisoned for a time to intimidate and shut up. Why hasn’t the news cycle obsessed over that abuse of power/office?
    I did not call Obama “Hitler.” I did note the Nuremberg-style rally, which was more rock concert than democratic process. And the “Hitler Youth” was a reference to young people, who in their idealism for a cause allowed, in Nazi Germany, the Bacchanalian to overcome the Apollonian to disastrous hysterical results.
    In retrospect, historians have been baffled over how so many intelligent people could have been overtaken by mass hypnosis–largely engineered by the spectacle of emotionally-charged political rallies.
    That anyone can disparage Palin’s experience when Obama has NO qualifications to be President, aside from feel-good hope that he will be some sort of Black Savior mystifies me.
    Change? Specifically what does that mean? Where, exactly, does Obama intend to take this country with his something-for-everyone empty promises? What is his track record on making good on his fantastical offerings?
    It reeks to high hell of The Noble Savage.

  • Roderick

    Lynn, I apologize if I overstepped my bounds but I am so tired of being intimidated in the middle of reasoned discussions.
    BTW Dawn, exactly why did you have to use Hilter as a reference at all?
    Both conventions draw true believers who are passionate partisans so I await your analysis of how the Republicans act at their convention this week. I doubt you will say that the Republicans are exploiting the tragedy of Gustav to prove that they can actually respond competently to a disaster.
    As per Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy it’s an issue for several reasons.
    Conseratives have railed against mothers working outside of the home for decades and ironically Palin’s daughter’s situation proves their point. BTW what kind of mother makes a career move which would insure making her daughter’s awkward private situation world wide fodder?
    Furthermore this demonstrates another failure of abstainance only education. Kids who are not given comprehensive sex ed usually delay sexual activity but they are less likely to use contraceptives.
    The experience question was first offered as a slam against Obama so you may want to blame the GOP if anyone is questioning Palin’s credentials.
    BTW you really need to stop reading WorldNUTDaily and Faux News about Larry Sinclair who is a drug-addicted mental patient.
    and if you’re going to a slander at least post a link to the story

  • Lynn Hayes

    Dawn, your comments are straight out of the Republican talking points book, although I have to say as a good conspiracy theorist I’ve been following the Larry Sinclair story. The reason the media hasn’t jumped on that is that there are NO corroborating witnesses, not even the National Enquirer.
    I know there’s no point in restating the obvious because there’s not much hope of bridging the Obama-anti-Obama gap until he gets in there and starts working. But I’ll just tell you why I think he’s qualified. He served for seven years in the Illinois Senate where he was respected by both Democrats and Republicans and instrumental in passing major legislation. He’s a smart guy, and has run an incredible campaign machine.
    Unlike Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which was torn apart by rivalry and power struggles, Obama’s campaign has been brilliantly run with a chain of command that goes all the way to the grassroots of our local campaign office. If he runs the country the way he runs the campaign, it will be a great thing. Also – he spent his whole life organizing in the community. Unlike John Edwards, who didn’t take on the grassroots thing until he decided to run for president, Obama has been involved in community work his entire adult life. There’s the oft-quoted comparison to Lincoln, whose experience virtually mirrors Obama’s. The people who say that Obama has no specific plans or policies hasn’t done enough research. He has very specific plans and strategies for achieving them – he’s put them together in a “Blueprint for America” that you will find here:

    Finally, there’s the fact that experience or the lack of it doesn’t guarantee a successful presidency. Who had more experience than Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney? And look at what a mess they made of the country and in fact, the entire world.
    So let’s not get hysterical about the Black Savior. I don’t know about you, but I could use some change.

  • Luther

    “I think I’ll lay off from commenting for a while”…
    When you start referencing our Presidential hopefuls and their audiences to the most hated people in the world (such as ‘Hitler’), don’t be surprised when people “miscontrue” your hate-filled comments. I don’t particularly side with either party, but I do feel that Obama should win and that our nation needs him just as much as he needs us.
    But, regardless, I would never say such things about McCain. I recognize the good in both candidates and have too much love and compassion for our nation to blurt disrepectful and hateful comments.

  • Karen

    Has anyone else noticed that on election day (using 9:00 am for McCain and 4:40 p.m. for Palin) their Progressed Suns are EXACTLY to the minute and degree conjunct at 7 Aries 06??? What are the odds of that?
    I am an Obama supporter, but this is causing me to think perhaps they have a shared destiny. I also wonder with Neptune crossing back and forth over Palin’s Sun whether or not this might suggest weakening health or loss of an important man in her life, i.e. McCain?
    Interesting stuff.

  • Karen

    oops!! Disregard the stuff about the progessed suns. My Mercury Square Jupiter got carried away before I realized I had mistakenly placed her progressions around his chart. McCain would have to be way older than he is to have a pr. sun in Aries :). Actually I am relieved – that was freaking me out for a minute!
    I agree and wonder about McCain’s “marriages” and association with women with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all aspecting Venus in a short period of time. Make ya wonder. Of course Neptune has always been associated with scandals, so it makes me wonder . . .

  • dominmatrix

    For another look at Palin and Obama astrology, I’d love for you take a look at this site Lynn and get your take.

  • sheris White

    Sara Pallin’s progressed sun is 7 aries 06. The sabian symbol for that degree is a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the east wind. You always read the opposite degree too, which is 7 libra 06, a blazing fireplace in a deserted home.

  • Lexi Levy

    Today is Sunday, 9/28/2008 … and the media is talking about a possible “step out of the race” for Sarah Palin – after the Couric interview! How accurate was your original article dated 8/31/08. Keep up the fascinating & skillfull analysis. Great read!!!!

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