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With Pluto making its final swing through Sagittarius where it has transformed (Pluto) all aspects of the way we construct our theology of the meaning of life (Sagittarius), Obama and McCain joined televangelist Rick Warren for what may be the […]

Thanks to the Magi Astrologers for posting this fascinating article about the origin of the Olympics.  The most common myths report that Zeus (Jupiter) started the Olympics to celebrate his victory in a battle over Kronos (Saturn), but Valerie Vaughan […]

I found a link to Willow’s Web Astrology from Matthew’s site, and found it quite interesting.  A square from Mars to Pluto is part of the eclipse formation tomorrow, and here is what Willow writes about that aspect (I’ve added […]

The National Ledger has my new post that takes a brief astrological look at the latest celebrity breakup.

How cool is this!!  [S]oon Bangalore will boast of an exclusive supermarket, perhaps the first of its kind in the country [called Star and Planet]. It’ll house soothsayers: astrologers, numerologists, palmists, tarot-card readers, horoscope specialists – all under one roof. […]

Nancy Waterman has a new post up on the recent increase in aggressive activity coming from Russia.  Nancy writes: Whether the Bear is merely demonstrating a revanchist hunger to increase its sphere of influence or feels threatened by a growing […]

“Full Moon” from Spirited Art. In my travels on the web today I found this article by Geoffrey de Meaux, a French astrologer from that time about an eclipse that occurred in March of 1345 that he believes was the […]

Virgo is about a return to purity and respect for the mind/body/spirit connection, and for this reason it is connected to matters of health and healing. Ever since Saturn entered Virgo last fall, we have been confronted by revelations about factors […]

image by Frank Laumen. This crop circle was found at 5:30 am.  The Crop Circle Connector field report seems to suggest that it was made using mechanical means, but it’s a fascinating image nonetheless. Harold Stryderight tells us that the […]

I wrote this post a couple of years ago but thought I would repost it in light of comments on the John Edwards story, and for a reminder myself! Astrologers usually follow a code of ethics in their work, just […]