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Psychology, Rush Limbaugh and the Faith Forum

McCain-Obama.jpgWith Pluto making its final swing through Sagittarius where it has transformed (Pluto) all aspects of the way we construct our theology of the meaning of life (Sagittarius), Obama and McCain joined televangelist Rick Warren for what may be the first of its kind forum for US Presidential candidates.  The fact that candidates feel it is important to share their faith with the country is an unusual development in itself, as this has not in the past been a highlight of Presidential campaigns.  John F Kennedy, famously the first Catholic candidate, minimized the importance of faith in his campaign.  Even Ronald Reagan, darling of the Religious Right, rarely attended church before he was in the White House, during or afterwards, though privately he was said to be devout in his adherence to the Bible.


Reading the candidate’s answers to the questions posed about issues like abortion and faith and the responses in the news from left-wing and right-wing media, I draw this conclusion:  Those on the right side of the aisle prefer a black and white approach to life, while those on the left prefer shades of gray and nuance.  Left-wing bloggers criticized McCain’s pat and rehearsed responses to pastor Rick Warren’s questions, while those on the right admired his clear and concise answers.  Conservative writers found Obama’s answers confusing and evasive, while more liberal writers extolled the virtues of his thoughtful and considered approach to the issues.

I’ll step out on a limb here and suggest that those with more conservative views are more security-minded and dislike change, so the lack of a strong stance that’s rooted in established tradition might be frightening.  On the other hand, more liberal thinkers would have a greater tolerance for the unknown, and in fact a greater enthusiasm for change and something new that requires consideration and deliberation in order to come to an intelligent conclusion.  Some viewers even said Obama was “too thoughtful.” 


As astrologers, we often see the more extreme ideologies when there are inner conflicts between astrological signatures of conservatism (predominance of earth signs, Saturn) and signatures of liberal mindedness (air signs, Uranus).  That inner struggle between safety and security and more innovative thinking often results in an individual who becomes dogmatic on the right wing, or angrily rebellious on the left.

This is particularly true with those of us who have strong squares between Saturn and Uranus in our chart such as my own compatriots from the early 1950s.  Rush Limbaugh is one of those, with a nearly exact square between Saturn and Uranus, Aquarius, the innovator, is rising in his chart so in some ways you might expect Rush to tilt more to the left.  But with the Sun in Capricorn and Saturn opposite the Moon, that conservative bent won the battle between the two ideologies.  But more important, the opposition between Mars in Aquarius and Pluto shows an obsession with power that makes the conservative mind view much more comfortable than a more liberal perspective which Rush deems “weak.”  

After eight years of a president who famously “doesn’t do nuance,” I personally think a president who actually thinks through issues and considers them carefully would be a welcome change. But that has nothing to do with astrology and is just my opinion.



  • yeshe_choden

    Minor Quibble: JFK was not the “first Catholic candidate” for President. That was Al Smith, who ran against Herbert Hoover in 1928 and lost … after a campaign that suggested the Pope would be running America from the Vatican.
    That angle was resurrected during JFK’s run, but it failed. JFK was the first Catholic elected President.
    So we did grow that much. *g*
    Any comment on how Pluto’s trip through Sagittarius might have shaped all the Aquarian points now being activated by Eclipses and in Obama’s own chart, via the helpful/informative sextile aspect?

  • Lynn Hayes

    Thanks for that clarification, Yeshe. I don’t really look at past transits to future eclipse points, but in terms of aspects of the two recent Leo/Aquarius eclipses activating Obama’s chart, the most recent one last Saturday fell right on Uranus in Obama’s chart, and therefore by association the North Node which conjoins Uranus. By the way, Uranus in Obama’s chart conjoins the US Aquarius Moon which defines the need of the country for social justice and opportunity for all.

  • Gregory LeFever

    I’m not an astrologer and have only a rudimentary knowledge of it, but I find your blog to be among the best of the prominent astrological bloggers because of its mix of technique and layperson’s observations. That being said, could you in a future post elaborate a bit more on a phrase you wrote in response to the earlier commenter to this post?
    I’m specifically curious about “. . . the US Aquarius Moon which defines the need of the country for social justice and opportunity for all.”
    Is this an ongoing need since the country’s founding or is it related to more current astrological conditions? If it’s ongoing, what on earth could have taken us so far off the mark for the past eight years?
    Thanks again for your excellent and informative writings!

  • Jeffrey Kishner

    One could say that Aquarius Rising indicates the manner in which Rush expresses his conservative views, i.e., slightly outrageous and shocking, disruptive and certainly innovative as he revolutionized talk radio.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Gregory, the moon in a national chart expresses the emotional needs of the people. The people still have a desire for social justice – it’s the government that has stood in the way the past eight years.
    Thanks Jeffrey, for your addition!

  • Neith

    In my immediate family we have both sides of this debate represented. My brother is the conservative (Sun conjunct Saturn in Leo) and I’m the liberal (Sun trine Uranus in air). We have a very difficult time understanding the other’s POV. Thanks for a great post on this issue!


    This comment is just my feeling; it’s not about any particular astrological sign of a candidate. But I kinda like where Barack Obama’s head is. I like his due diligence in making decisions. He is a left hander and very analytical in his thinking. John McCain is probably a wise man in some areas but not a “common man.” Coming from his own mouth, he says, “he doesn’t know much about the economy.” This comment alarms me in disturbing ways. It screams that John McCain is completely out of touch with this country. Where the hell has he been for the past three years, somewhere trying to figure out how many houses he owns. The U.S. has big problems, our housing market is in big, big trouble with multiple foreclosures on every block, downshift in employment, immigration problems which has contributed to school overcrowding; the welfare system. Astrology is helpful in trying to make some sense and give a little bit of clarity to what’s happening in our daily lives but if the people in power ignores the obvious things that is starring them right in the face then Americans have to resort to the “power of the vote.”
    Rush Limbaugh should keep his mouth shut! He is like all of the other “shock jocks.” If he could see beyond his biasness and just don’t care where the chips fall attitude, he probably would be an asset to humanity. I don’t think astrology can help Rush Limbaugh. The comments he makes are disgusting, wrong and has no redeeming value. Thank you for allowing me to post these comments. Now, I can get busy trying to help save someone’s home from foreclosure.

  • bobbi

    this is such a cool sub-site for belief-net to host (i just LOVE their inclusiveness!) and i just wanted to share my gratitude for the apparent quality of the astrology readings and the astrologer. thanks so much for your insights. i have no technical grounding in astrology–simply a lay interest–but your readings seem “spot-on” to me in terms of their political applications. keep up the GOOD WORK, Lynn!
    a new (Christian, Aquarian) fan

  • Lynn Hayes

    Thank you Bobbi! My goal is to provide demonstrations of astrology so that lay people can understand and learn more about this magical art.

  • Pauline

    The state of our country….
    I object to a readers comment about Rush keeping his mouth shut. Liberal used to mean having an open mind and having a willingness to listen to various ideas and consider their merit. Now it seems to mean one-mindedness, that is, everyone should succumb to one point of view, and if they don’t adhere to that so-called “Liberal view” then they should be shut down….by legislation like the so-called “fairness doctrine”. As one constitutional right is taken away it becomes easier for other rights as defined and provided by our “bill of rights” to be relinquished.
    We must be able to talk and share the reality of our country’s current underpinnings….
    I am very concerned about the sovereignty of our nation, as we have an estimated 12-40 million illegals that have invaded our country. This population comes with a third world mentality i.e. anti-American sentiment, less than an 8th grade education, limited skills and abilities,many have serious and unchecked contagious diseases like chagna, leprosy, drug resistant TB, etc, and they have filled our country with drug cartels and criminal organizations that would make the mafia look like a group of girl scouts. Some facts and figures about the financial costs of illegals are as follows: 1.22 Billion spent on welfare for illegals each year for state governments. 2. 2.2 Billion dollars a year on food assistance programs like food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches. 3. 2.5 Billion and growing a year on Medicaid 4. 17 Billion dollars a year for “anchor babies” education. 4. 12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children born here illegally that can not speak English. 5. 3 million a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegals. 6. 30% and growing of federal prison inmates are illegals. 7. 90 Billion a year is spent on illegals welfare a year. 8. 200 Billion a year is suppressed from US wages that are going to illegals. 9. In 2006, the illegals from Mexico sent home 45 Billion dollars in remittances. 10. The total cost for illegals is 338.3 Billion dollars a year! YES, 338.3 BILLION dollars A YEAR!
    And look what we get in exchange for our money….destryoed communities, hospitals closed, education programs taken from OUR children and dis-respect ALL Around!
    Isn’t it nice that our government has stolen so much of our tax monies to feed and cloth the illegal interlopers while a large number of our veterans are living in the street in poverty….and the examples of inequality and discrimination against American citizens in favor of illegals spirals out of control?
    Now keep in mind that the American people are not in a state of recession but depression. And we are being made to shell out our hard earned money for a group of people that has nothing to offer us at all, as expressed previously. They have in fact, violated, and raped our precious America. They and their children have no respect for our country… is demonstrated by their marches and complaints lodged at the American people…..they want more money and benefits and amnesty. All of which THEY have not earned! Understand that the illegals are in our country illegally and they are NOT immigrants. They are victimizing and holding hostage the American people. The groups that want them here (Catholic Church, ACLU, La Raza, Chamber of Commerce, the Democratic party, employers) have a financial vested interest in the illegals being in our country. That’s why they are pushing for amnesty. We also have the shadow government, in the form of the North American Union getting ready to move in for the kill around 2012. The American people have been duped and betrayed by most of our government. Now then my questions.
    My questions are as follows: “from an astrological perspective does it look like our government is going to force amnesty on us?” “Will America successfully impeach Bush, Pelosi, Reid, Menendez and other amnesty lovin traitors?” “Astrologically speaking “will we lose our sovereignty in the next few years?” “And does it look like we are going to have a civil war in our country (as I believe will happen if our government continues to ignore/dismiss laws that protect the American people in favor of illegals)?
    Don’t take my word for the facts and figures provided, research the matter and you can even just look around your communities…anyone live in a border town and/or “santuary city?. Or just every day communities that were nice before the illegals moved in….lets see, who are the “true liberals” among the readership on this blog willing to investiage the truth…..
    Check out (find our how our so-called leaders have been voting against the American people in favor of illegals)
    Look up demographics of states and crime rate, health care, welfare costs, educational level and tax rates and bankruptcy status to get a clear picture of the correlation between illegals population and the destruction of cities, communities and states.

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