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McCain picks a VP

Sarah-Palin-Vogue.jpgSarah Palin, governor of Alaska, is John McCain’s new choice for Vice President. Palin brings an interesting combination of political and personal characteristics to the McCain ticket.  She fought vigorously against the widespread corruption in the Alaska political system, even to the detrment of her own party.  She hunts, fishes, and won a beauty pageant in 1984.  She has five children including an 18-year old son who deploys soon to Iraq and an infant with Down Syndrome, and calls herself a “hockey mom.”  She is strongly “pro-life”, meaning she opposes abortion, but supports capital punishment.  (I have to say, I have never understood how you can be pro-life in one breath and embrace the killing of a human being on death row in another.  But I digress.)


For the McCain ticket, Palin brings credentials where McCain is lacking. She enhances his “maverick” status, which has waned in recent months as he waters down his personality for the presidential campaign. Unlike McCain, Palin is an active churchgoer (Pentecostal) and wants creationism to be taught in schools alongside evolution, bridging the mistrust the Religious Right holds against McCain.

Astrologically (born February 11, 1964) , she has at least four planets in Aquarius (Mercury, Sun, Mars and Saturn) and possibly the Moon as well, if she was born after noon.  Aquarius is the sign of the activist, the renegade – the individualist who isn’t afraid to buck the system.  With no planets in water signs other than Chiron, Palin is not a very emotional person and this is heightened by the strong Aquarian influence which is more interested in rational thinking and ideas than emotional viewpoints. 


That Aquarian individuality is tempered with a triple conjunction of Saturn and Mars to the Sun.  Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius, and lends its focus on solitude and a tendency towards rigidity which in the case of Palin may exacerbate the fixed nature of the Aquarian personality. Palin is conservative under the Saturn/Mars/Sun conjunction, but the Aquarian influence makes her quirkily so.

Neptune squares her Sun – the very same aspect in Obama’s chart that has suspicious astrologers claiming Obama is deceptive.  (See my earlier article.)  Neptune/Sun aspects tend to show that the individual has experienced difficulty expressing herself as an individual, and that there is a tendency for others to be unable to see her clearly because she becomes a hook for their projections. 


Palin’s birthchart also shows that she has an exact opposition from Chiron to Pluto, and by association to Uranus as well.  I would be surprised if she has not had painful experiences in her life – that Chiron/Pluto opposition indicates an indivdiual who must continually face her inner demons so that they can be vanquished.

This is an interesting time for Palin – transiting Saturn has been aspecting this opposition, coinciding with the birth of her son with Down Syndrome.  Transiting Neptune is affecting her as well – passing over first her Sun, then Mars, then Saturn over the next several years.  This Neptunian time shows that she is prone to overidealizing the realities in her life, and there is a danger of not seeing things as they really are.


Update: Depending upon the time Palin was born, her Moon was either in Capricorn (morning) or in Aquarius (afternoon).  I’m going to go for Capricorn because without that earthiness and practicality at a deep emotional level her chart would not have the discipline and drive to achieve that Palin demonstrates.  The  Moon shows the way we respond when we’re backed against the wall – our instinctive nature, and Palin’s Troopergate scandal, where she fired a public safety commissioner for not firing her former brother-in-law during his messy divorce from her sister, demonstrates the ruthless side of Capricorn for which the ends justify the means.

She’s an interesting choice for an already interesting election!  Tomorrow I’ll look at how she and McCain will likely get along.

  • Gaia

    Dear Ms. Hayes,
    In reference to the following quote from your article:
    “I have to say, I have never understood how you can be pro-life in one breath and embrace the killing of a human being on death row in another.”,
    let me explain the difference to you in very simple, basic words.
    An innocent, unborn human being has never hurt or killed another fellow human being. This innocent unborn human does not deserve to have its life terminated.
    A convicted criminal (whom society judges to deserve the penalty of capital punishment because of his/her crime) has inflicted pain, suffering, and perhaps even death to a fellow human being. The convicted criminal does not possess the innocence of the unborn child.

  • Annonymous

    Dear Lynne,
    I am pro-life, and I totally agree with you. I am against abortion, AND I am against the death penalty, AND I am pro gun control.
    I can’t wait for more of your postings about Palin, and how McCain and Palin will mesh, and do you think they will win?
    I’m voting for Obama, but I disagree with him about abortion.

  • sarah

    gaia wrote: “The convicted criminal does not possess the innocence of the unborn child.”
    just wanted to make a point… some “convicted criminals” are innocent. our criminal justice system is far from perfect.

  • Marianne

    Palin’s chart sounds exactly like mine (my moon is in Aquarius as well); when is her birthday? Also, you said she had no planets in water other than Chiron, but how can Neptune square her sun unless it is in Scorpio?
    I’m not too impressed with her however; as Gov. of Alaska, I assume she has the power to stop that wretched aerial gunning of Alaska’s wolves, but as far as I know, she hasn’t.

  • cherish

    As far as “fighting corruption” goes, Sarah Palin is the pot calling the kettle black:
    — ie., “Troopergate”
    And she sure isn’t pro-life when it comes to plar bears:

  • Matthew Currie

    Don’t the actual astrological conditions on election day… the Uranus funkiness, the void-of-course Moon, the huge dependency on suspect ballot machine technology… essentially trump the question of who is running, or what they think of abortion or oil prices or anything, on either side?

  • Lynn Hayes

    Marianne, Neptune is a transpersonal planet, so its being in water doesn’t affect the elemental balance of the personality. I should have been clearer in the article.
    And Gaia, your point is that society is entitled to judge and kill another human being. But I am pretty sure one of the Ten Commandments is Thou Shalt Not Kill. Wouldn’t the pro-life stance be better put to use in rehabilitating a criminal and transforming their lives so that they could then teach others?

  • Colleen Todd

    Please print the information you used as birth date, time and place for Mrs. Palin. Thank you.
    By the way, I really enjoy your blog and I believe you and I think very much alike. I usually agree with what you write opinion-wise.
    I am an intermediate astrologer, doing astrology since the 1970’s, more as a hobby than anything.

  • Julie in Boston

    Hi Lynn: I prefer to use the term “anti-choice” for people who want to control other’s reproductive freedom. I think it works better precisely because of the dichotomy you describe. Not only are most of the anti-choicers frequently in favor of capital punishment, but their support of life seems limited to the fetus, not to living children.
    What is freaking me out even more about this candidate, though, is that she is a CREATIONIST. It speaks volumes about the inadequacy of our educational system, particularly in the basic sciences, that a woman with a college degree can declare herself a creationist. This is pretty scary.

  • Anne

    About Sarah Palin:
    A creationist, pro-big oil (her husband is a BP exec), and against a woman’s right to choose.
    The general public might not know her but us tree huggers do: she encourages the slaughter of Alaskan wolves and wants to take polar bears off the endangered species list.
    (She has recently been investigated on ethics charges; she had her brother-in-law fired.)
    Oh–and the whole global warming thing? Nah, nothin’ to it. Just a bunch of science junk.
    I have been searching for a reasoned coverage of this choice from major media–and it’s nowhere to be found.

  • Nick

    Regarding the comment on the commandment, “Thou Shalt not Kill,” that is the translation in the King James version and a few other bibles. Many versions, however, translate the verse, “You shall not murder” or something similar. The use of the particular Hebrew word is more consistent with intentional killing without cause. In any case, capital punishment is commanded by God (through Moses) for various crimes, in the same section of the Bible as the 10 Commandments. That is not to say that all laws of ancient Israel should apply to the U.S., but there is not necessarily an inconsistency.

  • Marianne

    I guess you missed where I asked for Ms. Palin’s DOB, so i Googled it. Just as I suspected, one day before mine. I’d bet my last dollar her moon is in Capricorn which would, I’m guessing, give her some measure of ambition, a quality which someone who wants a career in politics would need to succeed.
    Interestingly, she seems to be my exact opposite in terms of her beliefs, despite our many planetary similarities.

  • Marianne

    Oops… I see you DID include her DOB in the article. Sorry!

  • Dawn

    Actually, Christians oversimplify it. I have heard several rabbis explain that the commandment actually translates “thou shalt not murder,” which invokes degrees of motivation and interpretation, as does all Jewish law. Likewise adultery was traditionally the province of MARRIED women, not single women or men. But I digress.
    Sarah Palin is such a refreshing breath of fresh air, in many ways, the most qualified candidate in the presidential sweepstakes.
    Obama’s Nuremberg-style acceptance speech with its raving crowds of “Hitler Youth” was really unnerving. That rally bore little resemblance to an informed democracy but had all the trappings of a mindless third-world dictatorship.
    This guy is an empty suit who stands for nothing and has accomplished little. It’s a shame that white guilt, black over-idealism and a handsome multi-cultural family have superseded any pretensions to substance.

  • Sharyn

    Do McCain really think that women are stupid. Just because he presents a woman as a running mate doesn’t mean that women will vote for her. I thought it was just the continuous of Bush’s Dictatorship behavior. McCain is truly out of touch with the American people. He equated middle class families as under 3 million a year. Well I am middle class and believe me I don’t make any where near that.
    I find Sen. Obama gave the best speech, his words of unity is just what this country needs. No more of suffering for another 8 years. He put out his game plan and lay everything on the table. With the compassion for regular hard working people he explained just how money will be spent and how he will pay for for tax cuts. Getting rid of big government will be his first agenda. I would love to see a unified America instead of a divided America.
    You really have to be a intelligent,and compassionate person to understand exactly what he was saying. I thought he was very articulate clear to the point . He has my vote.

  • Anne

    I’d be very interested in hearing why you think Palin is ‘the most qualified candidate’.
    I find only this:
    -elected governor, Alaska, 2006
    –two terms on the Wasilla, Alaska, City Council from 1992 to 1996
    –elected and re-elected mayor of Wasilla for two three-year terms in 1996 and 1999
    Even if one supports McCain wholeheartedly, why would it not be irresponsible, to say the least, to vote this person one heartbeat away from the presidency?

  • Dawn

    Aside from the fact that Palin is governor of the largest (landmass) state in the U.S., a literal stone’s throw from the Russian Bear, with grass-roots knowledge of that state as well as environmentalism and the oil industry, she has come up through the political ranks and has actual executive experience–in government and in family business.
    Palin does not have traditional “experience” of being in the pocket of Washington lobbyists–as is almost ANYONE who has spent any time on The Hill–much less made it a career. She is an actual anti-corruption reformer, she is a child of the outdoors and will support our precious right to bear arms, and she has intelligence, a sporting spirit, healthy good looks and real character.
    I think it’s great to bring our huge forgotten state–with its massive natural resources–into the national dialogue–along with native Eskimos, who are part of her family.
    She knowingly had her child with disabilities; she would never shuck off the question of abortion with a vapid “that’s above my pay grade,” as Obama disgracefully did.
    In short:
    I personally worry about all that time McCain spent as a prisoner of war and I think that is likely to be a VERY complicated tale. His health is questionable, and yes, Palin would be a heartbeat away.
    Biden, 65, is a proven plagiarist and senator from DuPont-controlled (and corporate haven) Delaware, who, in the interests of the banking industry revised the bankruptcy laws in 2005 disadvantaging Americans in sloughing off usury and onerous debt. His son Beau, attorney general of that state, has done some precious legal favors for Obama.
    Obama may have been born in Kenya, and is thus not a legitimate candidate. There are serious scandals brewing–I don’t think we’ve heard the last of them. His way has been almost magically paved into office, and practically as soon as he became Senator, he began running for President. He is the puppet of Zbigniew Brzezinski.
    Obama would not just be a heartbeat away.
    Finally, I think Palin seems to have good judgment, with an anti-corruption sense and the smarts to delegate the right jobs to the right people, which is what leadership is about.
    I’m no idol worshipper. Who knows? I just think that Governor Palin stands out like a true gem.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Obama may have been born in Kenya, and is thus not a legitimate candidate.
    This is not true – Obama was clearly born in Hawaii according to hospital records. McCain, on the other hand, was born in Panama and may not be eligible to run for president in any case. I’m all for a spirited discussion, but let’s not bring falsehoods into the equation.

  • sarah

    FYI… when Obama said, “that’s above my pay grade,”he was referencing GOD.

  • Dawn

    Gee, the truth speaks loudly enough that I would not have to prevaricate to make a point. Right now, a lawsuit filed by Philip Berg, Esquire, is wending its way through the courts on the very matter of Obama’s questionable eligibility. We shall see.
    If the major media were not so corporate-controlled and manipulated, so many of us would not be so ignorant about so many things.
    As it turns out, it is possible to to forge and replicate data and documents, and some experts in the field contend Obama’s alleged birth documents are actually poor collages/forgeries. I also noted in an earlier posting that “McCain’s birth locale might also pose a problem.”
    I have read reports of Obama’s African relatives (so neatly excised from the Democratic Convention folderol) relating that they were there for his birth. Of course, you can’t believe everything you read.
    BTW, BOTH members of The Dream Team are implicated in the Tony Rezko scandal.

  • Jeane

    McCain was born of American citizens and Obama’s mother is American, is she not? Then, what is the problem with their citizenship? They are still both citizens of this country. We give rights and money to illegal citizens. That will not end with Obama; I’m fraid that will increase. I voted Democrat for a long time, until I realized that people became lazier and expected the gov’t. to bail them out of their lack of self-control and laziness (abortion being one of those situations). I have worked hard, done without much to raise my children with good morals, work ethic, and understanding consequences for their actions, and self-responsibility for their choices. It scares me that so many people blame gov’t for their situations instead of getting an education, living frugally and responsibility.

  • Gregory LeFever

    Isn’t it amazing how much dialog this election provokes? And, Lynn, you really lit a fuse when you mentioned the ‘right to life’ dichotomy with capital punishment.
    Anyway, I want to congratulate you on being one of the very first astrology bloggers to assemble a reasonable profile of Sarah Palin. I’ve been following several astrology blogs regarding the upcoming election for my own Quantum Spirit blog (I’m not an astrologer myself but enjoy tracking it). Yesterday I posted Pat Paquette’s (Pisces Chronicles) initial reaction to the Palin selection and was able to follow up directly with your insights into her personality, which were fascinating.
    I want to thank you again, Lynn, for maintaining a blog that is informative from the standpoint of astrology and fun for the layperson as well. As all of the comments to this post quickly reveal, you don’t need to read a chart to see we still live in two Americas. Let’s just hope that whoever gets elected can fix that.

  • Kieron

    Dawn wrote, in reference to Obama: “His way has been almost magically paved into office…”
    It would seem so. However, you can’t claim the above without acknowledging John McCain’s dramatic reversal of fortune. His campaign was languishing about 1 year ago, unable to make headway while Romney, Huckabee et al were garnering the spotlight. All of a sudden, former Democratic Senator, now “Independent” Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut endorsed McCain. Lieberman is well-known for his strong involvement with the Israeli lobby. Miracle of miracles, the campaign money began pouring into McCain’s campaign, pushing him into the top spot.
    Talk about “magically paved,” Dawn.

  • Shawnee

    Dawn, Palin is not quite an environmentalist. She fought putting polar bears on the endangered species list this year because she thought there was already enough protection for them. She felt that more protection would interfere with economic development, and that includes the pipeline she’s allowed that will interfere with animal migration patterns. Palin does believe in the ‘precious’ right to bear to arms though.
    When she accepted the VP appointment, she said that she looked forward to finding out what a VP does. This is someone who never had any aspirations beyond Alaska and has not even been remotely interested in federal politics, even though she has a governorship, a journalism degree from the 80’s and a high school diploma to help her have the sense to not talk like a yokel. If you elect McCain and his health issues continue, Palin could be running the country and having impact on a global level.
    It’s surprising that people would compare Obama to Palin, considering Obama’s many pre-Senate years in law and higher education which have been the springboard for many successful leaders. Fishing and selling snowmobiles, not so much.
    Palin seems like she is a well-liked governor and a spunky lady. It’s not her fault that McCain overlooked so many who are in a position to lead and prepared for the job.

  • Anne

    Looking forward to the next article, Lynn. I’ve been trying to find facts about Sarah Palin, and ran across a blog in Alaska that gave a sample of local opinion. Frightening.
    I can find nothing that qualifies her for the VP office. I did find that she’s now under investigation on ethics charges. That her public service is undistinguished. That among those who ran for Governor, she was simply the best of a corrupt lot of Republican candidates in an oil state that would rather turn blue than vote blue.
    Thank goodness for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. And how telling that Comedy Central is the place that spoke the only sensible words about this appalling choice:
    Stewart: McCain said that Palin has international experience because Alaska is next to Russia. That qualifies her to negotiate with Russia. Really? Well, Alaska is next to the North Pole, too. So I guess she’s also qualified to negotiate with Santa Claus.
    Colbert: Who the bleep is Sarah Palin?

  • SB

    Gee, the truth speaks loudly enough that I would not have to prevaricate to make a point.
    Yet the things you wrote have been thoroughly debunked by respected, impartial parties. Three minutes using Google would confirm this. If you’d like a very close-up look at Obama’s birth certificate:
    Then feel free to poke around the rest of and note that Obama is hardly immune to criticism there.
    To get back on topic, I believe McCain’s choice of Palin to be cynical, pandering, tin-eared, and most certainly a bad case of judgment if he thinks the remaining PUMAs are going to flock to his ticket because he has chosen a female — a female whose political positions have absolutely nothing in common with Senator Clinton’s. This is just another indication that the man is completely out of touch and that he doesn’t think much of women in general. But we knew that already.

  • Dawn

    A pox on all their houses! And who could forget the infamous Keating Five?
    As per Palin’s novice disinterest, it has been observed that anyone who deliberately seeks higher office should automatically be disqualified from it.
    Verily, there are websites all over the place saying “pro” and “con.” It really takes discernment. But two favorites of mine are (Reading Room)and the inimitable

  • Jay

    I’m really enjoying your new site.
    Do you see anything in Sarah Palin’s chart that indicates that she will not continue to be the VP pick? Just a gut feeling.

  • Stagolee

    Calling Senator Obama Hitler and calling his community Hitler youth is not only ridiculous, it is highly offensive to African American people. For your information, Dawn, Hitler was a white supremacist.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Sorry I missed everyone’s comments yesterday. Let’s see if I can catch up. In all fairness to Dawn, there is a new rumor spreading around the internet that seems to have started on World Net Daily which shows an application for Obama to go to school in Indonesia using the last name Soetoro. Religion is given as Muslim, and citizenship as Indonesia. World Net Daily is a conservative site with a definite agenda, run by Joseph Farah who is an evangelical Christian and cohort of Rush Limbaugh. The right-wing media has jumped on this story and run with it. There’s no evidence that Obama was ever formally adopted by his stepfather, or that he renounced his US citizenship in favor of that of Indonesia. It is logical that his stepfather would have enrolled him under his name, and listing HIS religion and citizenship. Religious instruction is evidently compulsory in Indonesia. Perhaps as a US citizen he would not have been eligible to attend the school, so his stepfather listed Indonesian citizenship. It’s unfortunate that there is such a haze of mist surrounding these questions to the point where they cannot be put aside once and for all. But this is typical of the square from Neptune to the Sun in Obama’s chart.Jay, (who asks if there is anything in Palin’s chart that shows that she will not continue to be the VP pick) – making predictions using astrology is a fool’s game. But no, I don’t see anything that would indicate that she would not be on the ticket through Election Day.

  • Jay

    Sorry my wording wasn’t clearer. I don’t believe in making predictions.I should have asked whether there were transiting energies present in which that could be one of the many possible outcomes within the range of possibilities. However my inept wording, you answered it.

  • G’anne

    Are you aware that the Vogue cover is not real? It was photoshopped back in December 2007 (see The actual pictures of her in the magazine (not on the cover) are at

  • Marianne

    Thought this was interesting, altho not sure what to believe:
    Perhaps you could check the charts of the mother/daughter for any indication of giving birth on April 18, Lynn.

  • kadimiros

    “Religious instruction is evidently compulsory in Indonesia.”
    It is? Hmm, I read that the school in question was — and still is — secular. Someone from CNN actually went there to investigate it. They laughed at the idea. It is a Western style school, teachers wearing western clothes, children in school uniforms. A former student interviewed said not much has changed there over the years. cites a similar AP report that Obama first went to a Catholic school. Then he went to a school “open to all faiths.” Finally, he transferred to the secular elementary school on which the controversy centers, and where a lot of Christians attend.
    Oh, well! :-)

  • kadimiros

    “Perhaps as a US citizen he would not have been eligible to attend the school, so his stepfather listed Indonesian citizenship.”
    Oh, that new controversy would be for the Catholic school, I think, where he spent two years.
    Yeah, who knows. It doesn’t seem determinative in and of itself what his stepfather wanted. If I were to declare a religious affiliation, I should hope that the beliefs I personally assert in adulthood counts for a lot more than which box my stepparent (if I had one) chose to check off on a school form decades ago. Religious freedom actually means something, after all, and I think most people would get that.

  • Barbara

    I tried several days ago to post a link that gave a glimpse into the internet’s lively buzz about Palin’s youngest child, Trig. This story within a story is now emerging onto the mainstream news sites. It was not an invention on my part that the blogs were lit up with this issue – and it has interest and significance as an event in this election that this news and the internet reaction to it are a major factor in the politics of the moment – or else Sarah Palin would not have offered her rebuttal, such as it was, today. No matter what one believes about the elements of the story, that the internet communications have played a role in shaping the experience is worth noting, strange as the nature of the news is.

  • kadimiros

    Hmm, Bristol Palin is *currently* pregnant, and more than halfway through her pregnancy term according to some reports.
    If true, then Sarah Palin’s new baby can’t be Bristol’s baby. The timing is wrong. People should be able to count the remaining months until Bristol Palin gives birth, if they really want to.
    Some of the evidence put forth in the original allegations appear now to be inaccurate, and I did see a news photo where Sarah Palin does look pregnant on camera while speaking to a CBS reporter. I think the weight of evidence is that Sarah did give birth to her new baby.
    The good thing about the Internet is that it’s much harder for politicians to manipulate public opinion or to behave badly without being called on it, and with care it can be used to sort out fact from fiction.
    On the other hand, spoken conversations can be forgotten but message posts stay up indefinitely. Not sure it reflects well or constructively on either or any political group to indulge too enthusiastically without careful investigation, especially where children are part of the story.
    Heh…it does remind me of the columnist who wrote that “[W]e don’t get to vote: we can only watch in fascination. Indeed, starved of entertainment at home, British political junkies have seized on the US election like a new season of The West Wing.” :-)

  • beth

    gaia and Nick,
    2 things,
    first I think often people miss the point of politics and these two issues. The death penalty is “we” the poeple executing a person for a conviction we feel is worthy of such punishement. Termination a pregnancy is one single woman making a choice to not take a conception to term. Here in lyes the real issue. I support a woman’s right to choose, not because I personally think it is ok or that it is not “wrong” I support it because I don’t want my govenment involved in such decisions any more than I want them telling women they have to terminate pregnancies as they do in other countries. As for the death penalty, I don’t support it not because I don’t think they may deserve to die for what they have done, but because I don’t want anyone put to death in my, “we the poeple” name. Personally I think it is vengence not justice. which leads me to my last point. I understand that biblical literalist, see the connection between the old testement God commanding men to kill other men as proof that it is ok. My answer would be, that is the old testement in the age of Law. and I would say that we now living in the age of Grace, since Christ, it no longer applies. So, my advice to them would be….keep reading.

  • aquarian

    a friend linked me up to this site and said that I have an astro twin here in Marianne. If you do get this email Marianne, I’d love to compare notes between our birthdays, to see how similar and dissimilar these aquarian manifestations can be, from Sarah Palin to us.

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