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Note:  This will be my last political post for a short while – politics is fascinating but too much of anything is not always a good thing. An obsession with politics can too easily take us away from our own […]

Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, is John McCain’s new choice for Vice President. Palin brings an interesting combination of political and personal characteristics to the McCain ticket.  She fought vigorously against the widespread corruption in the Alaska political system, even to […]

Art by Melanie Weidner It is a commonly held belief among explorers of the New Consciousness that as souls, we work with our guides to choose the life that we will next be born into.  For many people that’s a […]

The US Presidential Election this year has been a battle between the Pluto in Cancer generation (John McCain), the Pluto in Leo generation (Hillary and Bill Clinton) and the Pluto in Virgo generation (Barack Obama).  Back in February I covered this […]

Q:  I have a friend that I have a very unique relationship with and it creates many questions and pretty much no answers. Very recently our relationship has been intense after a long cooling period.  He is never really honest […]

The two overriding planetary aspects shadowing the Democratic National Convention over the next few days ia a long-term conjunction of Chiron (wounding and healing) to the North Node (the ascending point where the path of the Moon crosses the path […]

I have to insert a disclaimer here:  I have been a huge fan of Joe Biden since he ran back in the ’90s, but I’ll attempt to be as neutral as possible under the extremely exciting circumstances. (Note: There is an […]

  Yesterday we introduced the work of statistician Kenneth Mitchell’s analysis of the correlation of certain astrological signs with sports that correspond to those signs. Moving on to Taurus – Mitchell learned of a sport called Bull Leaping and from […]

Generally, research projects based solely on the Sun signs of individuals are not very successful.  The astrological chart is so complex and includes such a wide variety of influences that the Sun sign is often dwarfed by comparison. But this […]

One author who has had a profound affect on my personal evolution and my client work is Stephen Levine, author of the magnificent book Who Dies which you can find in the Recommended Reading list in the sidebar. Stephen, a […]