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eclipse-nonist.jpgAugust 1 will bring a total solar eclipse, occurring at 6:12 am EDT.  The solar eclipse occurs astronomically with an alignment of the Sun, Moon and the Earth so that the Moon blocks the light of the Sun to us here on Earth.

Astrologically, the solar eclipse occurs at the time of a New Moon, with the solar conscious principle conjoining the lunar unconscious principle in close proximity to the nodes of the Moon, or the Dragon’s Head and Tail. 

The nodes of the Moon describe our evolutionary journey, with the North Node (also called the Dragon’s head by the Chinese and other ancients) demonstrating the direction in which we are heading and the South Node (the Dragon’s tail) identifying the karmic past and issues best left behind. The involvement in the eclipse phenomenon perhaps gives a clue to the effect of an eclipse, where the Sun and Moon are aligned in tandem with the evolutionary lunar nodes but the earth blocks their light. The symbolism to me is clear: The eclipse marks a turning point, but the significance may not be immediately obvious as both the solar conscious principle and the lunar instincts are obscured and we journey in darkness.

The eclipse on August 1 is at 9 degrees Leo, the sign of creative self-expression and the development of a healthy ego.  If you have a copy of your birthchart, look to see where in the chart the eclipse will fall and that will give you a picture of where in your life you are likely to experience a change.  Some say that the eclipse is an “unmasking,” revealing something that has been hidden up until this point.

A solar eclipse in Leo is an interesting phenomenon astrologically, because Leo is the sign that is associated with the Sun and the ego is therefore driven underground during the eclipse period.  The effect of New and Full Moons is said to be three days before and three days after the event; eclipses can be felt for a longer period of time if you are a particularly lunar person (with planets in Cancer, in the fourth house, or with strong aspects to the Moon). 

This eclipse could bring out some interesting facets of the US presidential candidates, since it is exactly square to Uranus in McCain’s chart and very close to a square to Neptune in Obama’s chart.  This is interesting because these are the two planets that cause the candidates the most trouble.   Uranus (radical behavior) is square to McCain’s Mars, the astrological dynamic that results in McCain’s “maverick” status that he is trying so hard now to keep under wraps.  Neptune (redemption and illusion) is square to Obama’s Sun, and this is the chart factor that results in the adoration of Obama that some find so frightening.  Perhaps during this eclipse period some of the real substance that underlies these factors may be revealed.

This incredible image is from The Nonist; it’s a composite image of 6 hand drawn images from different astronomers of a total solar eclipse on July 18, 1960. 

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