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Let’s classify this as an eclipse story, bringing the raw elements of prejudice and fear out of the mists of night where these factors have been lurking.  Thanks to Jill and Americablog for this piece of video that was censored by MSNBC from last night’s “Race to the White House” program:  This clip captures an exchange between Rachel Maddow and Pat Buchanan over whether Obama exhibits too much “hubris,” which I think we can safely read to mean “is too uppity.”


If you don’t know Rachel Maddow yet, do a YouTube search and watch some clips. She is the smartest human on television, and one of the few good remnants of Air America radio.

If the birth data given for Rachel is correct (4/1/1973), she has the Sun in Aries conjunct Venus, giving her a strong will (Aries) that comes in an attractive and people-pleasing package (Venus). The power of her will is more strongly shown by the conjunction of Jupiter (expansion) to her Mars (assertiveness) which are both in Aquarius, the sign of invention and revolution. Mars and Jupiter are trined by Pluto (transformation), and all of this adds to her exceptionally focused energy that is able to get right to the point of an issue and debate it brilliantly. That Aquarian energy, when filtered through the Will of Mars and the faith and belief of Jupiter is extremely rational and tends not to become overly emotional or distressed.

The rumor is that Rachel will soon be given her own show. It’s hard to imagine that Rachel would take sitting down the kind of censorship that MSNBC demonstrated by eliminating this five minute exchange from the footage on their website.

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