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Let’s classify this as an eclipse story, bringing the raw elements of prejudice and fear out of the mists of night where these factors have been lurking.  Thanks to Jill and Americablog for this piece of video that was censored […]

August 1 will bring a total solar eclipse, occurring at 6:12 am EDT.  The solar eclipse occurs astronomically with an alignment of the Sun, Moon and the Earth so that the Moon blocks the light of the Sun to us […]

One of the arguments against the validity of astrology is the argument that there is no scientific evidence that humans on earth are influenced by planetary bodies.  For many skeptics there must be scientific proof that a thing is possible, […]

Randy Pausch died on Friday after a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer.  He skyrocketed to fame after he delivered “The Last Lecture” to a standing-room-only crowd at Carnegie Mellon Institute in Pittsburgh.  The lecture, an inspiring film on life’s lessons, […]

Thanks to Astrococktail for the link to this article. Last year Ceres was reclassified as a planet along with Pluto and the new planet Eris as a “dwarf planet,” and most recently as a “Plutoid.” Ceres has an interesting history: […]

Welcome to Astrodynamics, a blog about the movements of the planets and how they affect our lives. Astrology is much more complex than the “sun sign” astrology you see in your daily paper: each of us has our own unique […]

It adds fuel to the tragedy of Heath Ledger’s early demise that his work in the latest Batman film is garnering reviews that call him the greatest actor of his generation.  Although his death was considered accidental, the quantity of […]

I love finding quirky little articles that “debunk” astrology and posting them here.  Like this one: Think there’s no harm in astrology? Click around and you’ll find cases such as that of Myanmar’s former prime minister, General Ne Win, who […]

Thanks to those of you who have joined the group, and I apologize for the technical glitches of the first week or so.  It was several days before I even realized that I had to approve members, but I have the hang of […]

  Disclaimer:  I am not a financial expert, nor do I have any training in stock picking.  I am just a watcher of cultural trends that mirror planetary cycles. Back in May of this year I wrote about the return of […]