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Astrology provides us with clues about the future, and sometimes that instills fear in us if we lose sight of the larger picture. Carlos Castaneda explains it here:

The world of everyday life cannot ever be taken as something personal that has power over us, something that could make us, or destroy us, because man’s battlefield is not in his strife with the world around him. His battlefield is over the horizon, in an area that is unthinkable for the average man, the area where man ceases to be a man.

It is energetically imperative for human beings to realize that the only thing that matters is their encounter with infinity. The term infinity cannot be reduced to a more manageable description. It is energetically irreducible.

This is an energetic fact, which means that it is a conclusion that is arrived at when the shaman is engaged in a function called seeing. Seeing is the act of perceiving energy directly as it flows in the universe.

The end result is a realization, which, by its simplicity, is so difficult to attain: that we are indeed beings that are going to die. Therefore, the real struggle of man is not the strife with his fellowman, but with infinity, and this is not even a struggle; it is, in essence, an acquiescence. We must voluntarily acquiesce to infinity. In the description of the sorcerers, our lives originate in infinity, and they end up wherever they originated: infinity. (From The Teachings of Don Juan – A Yaqui Way of Knowledge by Carlos Castaneda.)

Remembering this idea that the process of our unfolding evolution occurs at the deepest and most internal level within us will help us to be able to navigate any rough seas that come our way.

We all know people who have relatively easy lives but are unable to experience any level of happiness because of the misery they carry within them; we have also seen people who have gone through unimaginable horrors and have come out of them with strength and wisdom.

This idea of acquiescing to infinity is what Pluto teaches, and the key to a life of bliss and power.
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