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Dharmaruci had an interesting couple of posts a few days ago about factoids being the shadow side of Sagittarius. DR writes about the theories espoused by David Icke and others that the ruling class is actually a reptilian race:

For a while this sort of belief had me a bit gobsmacked, like how can these people, who do not have mental health problems, believe these things? But then it occurred to me that it is no different to believing in the literal truth of the Bible, and there are plenty of people, and always have been, who are prepared to believe this.

You could argue that I’m an astrologer, and believing that there is a relationship between the motions of the planets and human existence is no less strange and far out. And I would have to concede that point. But I think what matters most is the WAY in which beliefs are held, rather than the beliefs themselves.

With astrology, I am the first to say that I cannot think of an explanation as to why the subject works. All I can say is that it does seem to, at least on most days of the week. I think with this sort of position discussion becomes possible, and there is an awareness that beliefs are only beliefs, they are not reality itself. . . .

Under Pluto in Sagittarius we have seen a growth in conspiracy theories, reptile notions, religious belief etc, which is what you would expect, but we have also seen the shadow side of Pluto in Sag, which is an associated lack of reason and lack of respect for observable facts. This is the province of the opposite sign, Gemini. The recent growth in conspiracy theories and the recent growth of fundamentalist religion have the same astrological signature.

By the way, I’m still waiting for someone to come up with a wide-ranging conspiracy theory that is presented as well-argued probability/possibility, rather than certainty based on factoids. I’m not against such theories, but the difficulty in finding well-argued theories demonstrates that many of them belong to the shadow side of Sagittarius.

With my Scorpio Mercury my thinking (Mercury) tends toward the shadow side and tend to look for the darker forces lurking beneath the surface. I have studied the Kennedy assassination since the 1970s, and after September 11 I became a conspiracy fanatic and regular visitor of the many sites that feed a hunger for knowledge of Truth. This hunger falls right in with the symbology of Pluto in Sagittarius, which approaches the search for Truth (Sag) with the compulsion of Pluto, and we’ve seen this in the spread of fundamentalist Christianity and Islam during this period (1995-2008) as well as conspiracy theories which look for meaning (Sag) in the dark corners of the human psyche (Pluto).

In DR’s follow-up article he writes,

Pluto is currently spending its last few months in Sagittarius. So this is a good time for looking more closely at those things which you would perhaps like to be true – like UFOs or Alien encounters or the faking of the Moon Landings or the various 9/11 conspiracies or the suppression of alternative technologies by the car companies or the role of ‘junk’ DNA. They may well be true. But what we think of as ‘facts’ around these phenomena, often well-established, can turn out not to be so.

I would add that in Sagittarius we tend to hold on to our established belief systems in a way that can be rigid and dogmatic and leave little room for facts. With Pluto in Sagittarius it’s the belief that is crucial – the facts only stand in the way.
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