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Last month I, along with other astrologers, reported on a challenging transit coming up for Barack Obama: the transit of Mars to his natal Uranus which coincided with a longer-range transit of Uranus to his natal Mars. I wrote at the time:

There is, however, a dangerous aspect looming on the horizon: a “double whammy” combination of transits from Mars to Uranus and from Uranus to Mars. When these two conflict, there are fireworks and danger from accidents or violence of some kind, and the opposition from Uranus to Mars in Obama’s chart occurs as transiting Uranus is at its most powerful, between now and early August. Transiting Mars will hit Uranus in his chart around the 23rd of June, and he is vulnerable to some sort of attack at that time. Obama has been a very cool character throughout this campaign, but under this Mars influence (particularly in late June) we will begin to see some fissures in his smooth exterior. This is typical of the Uranus/Mars combination and is likely to bring some real fireworks to the campaigns! Hopefully it will not present a danger to his physical person.

The conjunction of Mars to Uranus in Obama’s chart occurred on June 23, and as we can see there were no accidents and it does not appear that Obama was in any kind of physical danger. But we did see a reversal and strong expression of a desire (Mars) to go his own way (Uranus) in Obama’s announcement on Thursday that he would not accept public financing of his campaign.

Just about at the exact time transiting Mars made a conjunction to the natal Uranus, Obama’s position on the FISA bill (and those of other Democratic leaders) came under angry attack from members of his own party as being overly conciliatory to the telecom industry.

Uranus is the Awakener, and as much as I would like to hope in the Neptunian dream of a Utopian America, I am willing to concede the possibility that we will look back on this Mars/Uranus moment as the point at which Obama’s campaign for President revealed itself as just another political maneuver rather than a crusade for hope and change we can really believe in.

So I ask that you support the MoveOn effort to convince Obama to honor his promise to block the passage of any bill that supports retroactive immunity for telecommunications company that engaged in warrantless spying against ordinary Americans.

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