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Thanks to DR for filling in while I was in the Pluto school of death, inner rage and mystery (more about that later!!).

This is a wonderful and magical time, coinciding with the ancient Celtic festival of Beltane which occurs at the midpoint of Taurus (but more commonly on May 1) and the Buddhist Wesak festival later this month at the full moon. You can read more about the astrological significance of Beltane in this article from last year.

Meanwhile, Skywatch for May is posted, and here’s what’s happening during the beginning of the month:

The beginning of May finds us in a preponderance of Earth energy, with four planets (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto) in earth signs, and no planets channeling Fire. Details are what is important now – the practical details that make up every day life. It may be more difficult to find the inspiration to take action and the energy to follow through (the Fire qualities) until May 10 when Mars leaves watery Cancer for Leo.

Mars has traveled back and forth through Cancer since the end of September of last year, and the sensitivity of that sign has created irritation and confusion as the concepts of defense and offense become confused by the protective instincts that Mars in Cancer promote. When Mars enters Leo on the 9th it will be the only planet in a Fire sign, but it will be a welcome change that will free up the Mars energy for action that gets bogged down in water.

Jupiter has been approaching the second phase of a sextile (harmonious aspect) to Uranus that will perfect on the 21st. This is a tremendously exciting and stimulating planetary combination as it incorporates the expansion and optimism of Jupiter with the stimulation and “new”ness of Uranus. New ideas and innovative ways of looking at the world are easier now than ever.

At the end of April Saturn was as close to a trine to retrograde Pluto as it has been since last summer when the two were locked in a close and harmonious dance. The trine of Saturn’s discipline and structures to Pluto’s instinct for transformation and regeneration is a powerful ally in any kind of business plan or spiritual metamorphosis. During the first week of May Venus trines both Saturn and Pluto in a Grand Trine that will promote harmony and beauty in interpersonal relationships as well as soften any rough edges to changes that we are making in our lives.

Saturn is powerful during this first week of May – it has been traveling retrograde since December 19th of last year and is now slowing down to a “station” as it prepares to change direction. Saturn turns direct on May 2 but will continue moving extremely slowly and its influence is therefore more intensely focused during this time (until mid-May or so). For good or ill, Saturn will be bearing down on us, challenging us to do our best work and focus on what really matters.

When Mercury leaves earthbound Taurus for Gemini on May 2, the mood will lift considerably. Mercury is at home in its own sign of Gemini, and the mental function is much more active there. Conversation, debate and other discourse is accelerated and minds tend to be more open and curious except for a few days around May 3 when Mercury forms a square to Saturn. At this time we could see a tendency toward more negative thinking and traditionalist views.

On May 4 Neptune conjuncts the North Node of the Moon, signifying an important event (North Node) having to do with the unfolding of our spirituality or consciousness (Neptune). Neptune is virtually at a standstill all month as it prepares to turn retrograde on the 27th, and its influence is more powerful than usual. Neptune demands that we let go of our attachment to the material world and realize an inner experience of divine transcendence. This transit to the North Node is likely to play out on the global stage since Neptune is a more transpersonal planet, and we could see an illumination of our collective dreams and fantasies (Neptune) aligned to a greater path or direction (North Node).

All of this leads up to the New Moon on May 6 which provides the opportunity for a new beginning.

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