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Jill will enjoy this, since she’s one of the biggest Mets fans of all time. The New York Times has an article highlighting the astrological predictions of a New York astrologer who is also a loyal Mets fan:

Mallis was at an Athletics game in Oakland in 2001 when inspiration struck her like a hard foul ball. Curious to know what made Barry Zito, then Oakland’s eccentric ace, so different, she found his birth date — he is a Taurus — and ran his chart. Mallis discussed her findings in a call to the A’s postgame radio show, “Extra Innings.” She ended up as a regular on the show with a spot called “Astrology Minute.”

A regular at baseball’s winter meetings since 2004, Mallis has shared her astrological insights on players with Mets General Manager Omar Minaya, a Scorpio. Minaya acknowledged that he had spoken to Mallis but that he did not want to talk about her work.

For more about astrology and the Mets, read more here…

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