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As February begins, Mercury has just turned retrograde and Mars has just turned direct, so there is a bit of a feel of moving forwards (Mars direct) while looking back (Mercury retrograde). Mars, which has been retrograde since November, is moving now through the last degrees of Gemini on its way back to Cancer where in March it will make the third and final opposition to Pluto which is now in Capricorn.

Mercury is retrograding back to a conjunction to Neptune that will be exact on the 2nd. The recent failure of the underseas (Neptune) cable that provided internet communications (Mercury) to Asia can be seen as illustrative of Mercury traveling retrograde in conjunction to Neptune. Things can be more confusing, and we may be more eager to embrace illusion (Neptune) as we are forced to go back (Mercury) and re-do some things that have been left unfinished. On the other hand, Neptune inspires our creativity and this is a fantastic time to complete unfinished music or art projects. Our creativity is high, and Mercury Retrograde facilitates the process of going back to perfect what is not yet complete. The effect of the Mercury/Neptune conjunction will last throughout the first week of February and impact the New Moon eclipse as well.

The conjunction of Venus to Jupiter on February 1st will bring a lovely couple of days of harmony and generosity of spirit as the two “benefics” meet. This will soften any difficulty that may arise under the Mercury/Neptune confusion, and is likely to enhance the creative impulses of Neptune as well. Both Venus and Jupiter add grace to whatever planetary dynamic they find, and they are both pleasure-driven so stock up on chocolates and bubble bath!

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