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Portrait of Benazir Bhutto by Daisy/Lapata

I have not had the time to work on the profile of Ms. Bhutto which I promised some of my readers, but Jessica Murray (author of Soul Sick Nation) has done it for us on the About Astrology site (thanks Molly!):

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction that we have mentioned before — see Neptune and Oil Spills — provided the most obvious piece of the backdrop of Thursday’s tragedy. It’s job was to take the darkest (Pluto) of the many troubling realities now simmering just under the surface of mass consciousness, and expand them (Jupiter) into global awareness.

How many Americans knew, for example, that their taxes have been pumped into the black hole of Pakistan’s flailing dictatorship at a rate of 150 million dollars a month for the past six years? Such data will doubtless move now from the back pages of the nation’s newspapers to the front pages, a symbol of Jupiter making Plutonian truths seize hold of the public mind in a new way. There are many questions about the background of the killing, and Pluto (intrigue, secrets, clandestine plots) suggests that they will not be easy to fathom. But with Pluto one thing is certain: before there is rebirth there must be an acknowledgement of breakdown. Every death (Pluto) is a entryway into a new level of consciousness. There is no resurrection without a corpse.

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