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John Townley has done a yeoman’s job of creating composite charts between each presidential candidate and the Sibley chart for the United States. John was one of the early pioneers of the composite chart technique and probably understands it better than most (the composite chart combines the chart of two people or entities and describes the quality of partnership between them). John writes:

[T]he first place to look [for predicting the outcome of the Presidential primaries and election] is not the chart of the leader (or the potential leader), but of the nation, then the leader. Those of us looking at the U.S. chart in 2000 were expecting a tremendous diminution of U.S. world power and reputation arriving shortly thanks to the first-ever Pluto conjunction to the U.S. Ascendant. The presidential question should have been, perhaps, who is most likely to contribute to the bringing about of such a dreadful situation? In hindsight, clearly, the appropriate person won, if not the most desirable. Sometimes you get what’s coming to you, whatever you do. This election the U.S. is at another crossroads, a progressed full Moon, meaning you’ve pushed to your outward limit, which last happened during the 1979 (hostage) crisis in Iran, and a cycle before then just as the Korean War was about to break out.

You have to be careful with these composite charts since without accurate birthtimes for the candidates the houses the planets fall in and the position of the Moon can’t be relied on. Townley predicts:

Seductively attractive (he’s got the Venus/Mars conjunction) bass-player Huckabee (for whom no one has an exact time, making composites dicey) and Obama have both emerged with more attention to challenge their respective favorites, with everybody sharing a mysterious emphasis on the mid-Scorpio/Taurus axis, a show of its own (maybe not so mysterious, there being both the transiting Jupiter/Saturn midpoint and their L4 and L5 points as well, real power attractors). But neither challenger has the transits in the fall to indicate they’ll still be there, regardless of how well they do now. Edwards, whose composite Sun with the U.S.A. has Pluto on it all year, will probably be 2008’s retrospective “I told you so” Gore equivalent, for all his efforts. By the time the voters realize what he was saying, it will be too late. As for the rest, astrologically it looks like a contest of wealthy interests changing hands, with a lot of well-meaning sideliners laid low by the powers that be. Only Obama is an especial mystery, considering his popularity, as there is little conflict for him in the fall…where will he be then?…perhaps there are some things that are going to happen this spring and summer to make it all different. Remember 40 years ago, in January, how little we suspected what would become of our heroes in a few short months…The Jupiter-Saturn midpoint that fateful year hovered around the Galactic Center axis of 26 Sag-Gemini, the progressed Ascendants of both Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy…That’s where Obama’s progressed Ascendant is right now.

Relationship charts have an endless depth to the amount of comparison that can be done. We can compare the individual chart to the composite, we can put the planets of the US into the charts of the individual and vice versa, we can compare the progressed chart of the candidate to the US progressed chart. Still, I don’t think we can discount that Saturn opposition to Uranus on election day that is bound to bring a surprise of some sort!!

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