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A friend of mine sent me an email containing her Mercury Rx story: “There have been power outages and surges following me around. First the power went out here at home two nights ago, and then when we went to […]

Mars turned direct yesterday, and Mercury turned retrograde the day before. Part of us is looking back (Mercury), part of us is ready to move into the future once again (Mars). Mercury is conjunct Neptune now in Aquarius, correlating to […]

The National Ledger has my article on Ms. Young’s colorful life and the square from Scorpio Mars to Uranus that has a lot to do with her unpredictable behavior.

Image by Ellen Rixford In the news today: Not only is the mid-life crisis a bona-fide affliction but 40-somethings from Canada to Uzbekistan grapple with it every day, a groundbreaking new study has found. Researchers examined the life satisfaction of […]

Heather Walden has posted this down-to-earth guide for managing Mercury retrograde. Look to see where Mercury in Aquarius falls in your chart, and follow her sage advice: 1st house – personal identity Follow the bouncing fire ball. Remember those old […]

Mercury is just about to go retrograde as I write this. Mercury is in Aquarius where it rules technology, innovation and electricity, and it will remain in Aquarius throughout the retrograde period. Mercury retrograding back through Aquarius could make it […]

I have just discovered Tina Malia and listened to her most of the day yesterday. Her voice and music is expansive and opens the heart and soul to the yearning for awakening and the hope that transformation is truly possible, […]

Beth Owl’s Daughter has a wonderful article on the experience of the Kundalini awakening: [T]he unplanned, or explosive kundalini awakening can be life-shattering and may result in years of difficulty, as we try to integrate and stabilize our changed sense […]

As befits the waning days of Pluto’s reign in Sagittarius, optimism on Wall Street prevailed over the facts. “What has happened is the Fed is flooding the system with liquidity and eventually we should see some traction in the economy,” […]

This is one I wasn’t expecting. Heath Ledger was found dead today in an apartment in the Soho district of Manhattan with an empty bottle of prescription sleeping pills by his bedside and pills strewn over his body and the […]