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Posted by Dharmaruci
Researchers think they may have found the first evidence of another universe. They have found a cold spot in the sky, where there are far less stars than there ought to be, and one explanation is the impinging of another universe at an earlier stage in the evolution of our own universe. A good one for Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Centre.

In the UK they’re trying to roll out super-fast broadband for which you need optical fibres. It costs vast amounts to dig up roads and lay new networks. So they’re using the sewage network. Is this an early sign of the upcoming square from Uranus (high tech) to Pluto (sewage)?

In a natal chart, the most powerful place for a star to be is on an Angle. The US Sibly chart has the star Betelgeuse conjunct the Descendant. This is one of the brightest stars in the sky, and the one most associated with unobstructed success. This does seem to characterise the history of the USA. The Descendant is associated (in Fixed Star astrology) with the later years of life, and it did take about 300 years from the first European settlers arriving in the early 17th century for the US to reach the heights of its success, when it took over from Britain as the world’s most powerful country.

Its good to see The Astrology Page Blog back. One nice point Susan Custer makes is that in traditional astrology, sex wasn’t associated with the 8th House, it was associated with the 5th, because it’s supposed to be fun!

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