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I can’t believe it’s nearly January 1st, but so it is and the January Skywatch is posted here. Here’s an introduction: For quite a while now, the planetary placements have shown a lack of the earth element but as we […]

Sean and Robin Wright Penn have announced that they are divorcing. I am a huge fan of Robin Wright Penn – her beauty is so tender and delicate yet she has such a hard edge as well. I recently watched […]

Thanks to Joe for the heads up on JM’s analysis of the situation in Pakistan. I have left her a comment to see where she obtained the data for the partition chart is midnight of August 15, 1947. The chart […]

Benazir Bhutto was killed yesterday in a suicide bombing widely attributed to the Taliban and Al Qaeda although some suspect the work of Pervez Musharraf while government officials report that no bullet or shrapnel was found in her body and […]

If you missed Parts I and II you can read the article in its entirety here. Although Pluto will enter Capricorn for the first time in January, it will retrograde back into the late degrees in Sagittarius in June 2008 […]

Despite the many questions as to the legitimacy of this holiday, there are words attributed to Jesus that still have deep meaning on an esoteric level; particularly those from the gnostic or Essene writings. “Be calm, be loving unto others, […]

(This post will stay at the top until Christmas so see below for newer posts.) I’m offering a special during January only: a 30-minute visioncrafting session for only $30. Changing our belief systems and creating a new vision for our […]

(reposted from last year) This is really fascinating. John Charles Webb Jr. left a comment with a link to his site which postulates that the “star” of Bethlehem was not an astronomical event but was in fact an astrological alignment […]

Tomorrow’s Full Moon (December 23 at 8:17 pm EST) is tightly connected to the Winter Solstice since the Sun has only advanced one degree since the Solstice point. These cardinal points mark a seasonal shift, but because of the sign […]

photo from NASAThe charts for the four cardinal points (solstices and equinoxes) when the Sun moves into the four cardinal signs (Aries at the spring equinox, Libra at the fall equinox, Capricorn at the winter solstice and Cancer at the […]