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As noted previously, Mars turns retrograde today. Mars will only travel 1 degree during the entire month of November, between 11 and 12 degrees of Cancer, making its effect more potent.

Mars will be sitting within one degree from the US Sun which is at 13 degrees Cancer, making this an interesting time for the US, especially since President Bush’s Sun is at the same degree of Cancer. When Mars is retrograde it can be difficult to get things done, although that will be nothing new for the current US government.

I love the way Barbara Palliser says it:

Retrograde phases are famous for throwing up delays and obstacles into our path, but I have a theory that it’s when we don’t turn with the change in direction that we end up walking into the wind with a sinking feeling that the universe is attempting to thwart every best effort we make. Then it’s a quick downward spiral into futility and hopelessness, punctuated by inappropriate fuse-blowing, courtesy of life’s little banana-skin-on-pavement moments, until we find a way to go with the flow instead of fighting against the current stream of energy. As it’s Mars that is the planet in question I’m not sure how possible it is to kick and scream your way to inner poise, so it might be best to develop a good sense of humour pretty quickly to see you through this settling-in phase.

To me the beauty of astrology is the ability to be prepared, to see the underlying dynamics and therefore be better able to appreciate the ride.

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