Astrological Musings

A new Harris Poll has some interesting findings including these:

  • 82 percent of adult Americans believe in God unchanged since the question was last asked in 2005;
  • Large majorities of the public believe in miracles (79%), heaven (75%), angels (74%), that Jesus is God or the son of God (72%), the resurrection of Jesus (70%), the survival of the soul after death (69%), hell (62%), the devil (62%), and the virgin birth (Jesus born of Mary) (60%);
  • Roughly equal numbers both minorities – believe in Darwins theory of evolution (42%) and creationism (39%);
  • Sizeable minorities believe in ghosts (41%), UFOs (35%), witches (31%), astrology (29%) and reincarnation (21%);

Belief in astrology is up 4% since 2005. Perhaps fueled by the burgeoning astroblogosphere? However, more people believe in witches, UFOs and creationism than astrology. Not surprisingly, the religious denomination with the lowest belief in astrology are the born-again Christians. Catholics showed the highest percentage of astrology believers with 36%.

The poll showed its own bias by only including three religious groups: Protestant, Catholic, born-again Christian and agnostic/atheist.

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