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I had a request for a simplified version of the post on Pakistan for those who are astrological newbies which I appreciate because even though I usually try to simplify the language sometimes I forget or get carried away with the process. So here it is. The original article with all of the astrological details can be found here.

The nation of Pakistan was created when a Muslim state was carved out of India at a time when five planets were tightly conjunct in Leo within a 15 degree range. Leo is concerned with self-expression and recognition, and all five Leo planets are placed in the fourth house of home and ancestry showing that most of the affairs of this nation take place within its borders rather than on the international stage.

The force that impels us to build structures and achieve lasting importance (Saturn in Leo) is tied forever to the destructive force (Pluto). Pluto seeks regeneration and will destroy anything in its path that does not lead to the highest good. In the chart of an individual, this aspect indicates a heavily fated quality to the person’s life, and the same can be true for a nation.

In the chart of Pakistan, this archetype that forces continual regeneration is connected to the very essence of the country and its leaders (Sun) and describes the way that its people work together (Venus). Until all people in the nation can work together for the common good of the country, the force for constant regeneration and rebuilding will continue to tear the country apart as it challenges those structures that are created for only a segment of the population.

The underlying drive and motivation of the country (Mars) is to protect the tribal family (Cancer). In addition, the Pakistan chart shows Mars in a weaker conjunction to Uranus in Gemini, adding a reckless and revolutionary (Uranus) quality to the way the nation approaches war as represented by Mars. This is a violent aspect and shows a tendency towards explosive of rhetoric. The placement of the Moon in Cancer also demonstrates the fiercely protective nature of the country, and the Moon is unaspected which creaties difficulty in forming allies and allegiances to other nations.

We would expect to find a strong Jupiter in a chart of a nation founded as a religious state, and here we find Jupiter in Scorpio sitting right on the descendant of the chart and opposing the ascendant. Jupiter in Scorpio shows an intense approach to matters of philosophy and religion and because Scorpio is a fixed sign there is a tendency towards dogmatism. Jupiter on the descendant illustrates the need to share those dogmas with the world, and a square from Jupiter to the Sun describes an arrogance and self-righteousness and an inability to compromise.

Over the past couple of years a transit of Pluto to Uranus has set off the revolutionary fervor within the country. An opposition of Pluto to the Cancer Mars will continue to create upheaval for the next few years. In addition, a transit of Uranus will the stage for additional revolutionary activity. Things are coming to a head now because of the passage of transiting Mars over these sensitive points over the next few months.

Yesterday, President Pervez Musharraf declared a state of emergency and suspended the constitution. He has been rounding up and arresting opposition leaders, and also replaced the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in advance of the Court’s meeting later this month to decide the legitimacy of his candidacy in the October elections. Neptune in Musharraf’s chart exactly squares Mars in the Pakistan chart, and his rule has always had a mysterious and confused quality. Both will be set off by transiting Pluto over the next few months leading to tumultuous times for both.

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