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Both of the big stock market crashes have happened in October (1929 and 1987) and the mini-crashes have taken place in October too (1989, 2000 and 2002). The markets are usually jumpier in October than they are normally, and in this market climate we have the last of the hysterical optimism of the Pluto in Sagittarius phase bumping up against the growing conservatism of Saturn in Virgo.

Since the Dow’s historic high at the New Moon on October 11 it has fallen 750 points. The New Moon in Libra was ruled by Venus, who I typically associate with relationships but who also rules values and possessions, and despite the gloom and doom predictions of Saturn’s conjunction to Venus, the markets sailed upwards through that planetary combination which made an exact aspect (and to the South Node) on October 13.

Mercury turned retrograde on the 12th which can induce us to look backwards rather than forwards and this can have the effect of dampening enthusiasm that is not based in any kind of reality. The square of Jupiter to Uranus that took place on October 9 tends to bring about that very kind of enthusiasm and reckless desire for change, and it’s interesting that this planetary combination coincided with the peak of the markets.

Still, I don’t look at a market downturn as being an inherently bad thing – all of life requires course corrections at some point. The more bloated the markets get and the more they are based on irrational suppositions of never-ending expansion such as we will see until both Jupiter and Pluto enter Capricorn, the more Saturn in Virgo will step in to bring reality to the table.

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