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Today is the sixth anniversary of the attacks of September 11, the day the world changed.

George Bush says “Everything changed after September 11,” and he is of course absolutely correct, and is mirrored by the placement of Pluto on that day exactly conjunct the ascendant in the US chart. After September 11 the citizens of the US willingly walked like sheep to the slaughter and surrendered their rights to the US government without questioning the official story of the event: a cartoon-like picture of bad guys out to get the US, the best country in the world.

Today we are no closer to approaching the truth of the event than we were six years ago. Many questions remain of which these are only a few:

  • Why did the FBI thwart efforts in the summer of 2001 to disseminate warnings about Osama bin Laden sending terrorists to flight school?
  • Who made the short sell trades against United and American Airlines that resulted in millions of dollars of winnings, and what is the connection with CIA director Buzzy Krongard?
  • Why did the FBI permit members of the bin Laden family to leave the US when no other planes were flying in the US and most of the hijackers were Saudi?

The exact aspects between the US chart and the event chart of September 11 (see chart) are quite interesting. Mercury in the event chart is exactly square to the US Sun, indicating the Trickster archetype is at work here. The Trickster is a mischievous male entity who uses deceit and deception in order to achieve its ends of changing the order of the universe. Things are not always what they seem with strong Mercury aspects – there is a shapeshifting quality and a tendency to take on a new identity or appear to be something other than what is real. Because Saturn squares the US Sun in the chart for the US, Mercury in the event chart is exactly conjunct the US Saturn, demonstrating the serious nature of the event and the need for thinking (Mercury) of new ways of protection (Saturn). Depression and sadness are the rule of the day under this aspect.

Chiron (the wounded healer) in the event chart is exactly square to Neptune in the US chart, suggesting that the event brings up the national wound (Chiron) around the tendency of Americans to deceive themselves (Neptune). Neptune is square to Mars in the US chart, which mirrors the schizophrenic American nature which struggles between an instinct for compassion (Neptune) and an aggressive instinct that craves war (Mars). Chiron in the event chart stimulates this innate conflict in the US and we can see its influence at work in the schism within the US over issues such as prisoner treatment in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib and the question of torture. Chiron both wounds and heals, and it is the examination of the wound that provides the ultimate healing process.

The exact trine of Saturn in the event chart to Saturn in the US chart is more difficult to understand. Trines are harmonious aspects that facilitate change and opportunity in a way that is effortless, and Saturn is the planet of hard work, achievement, and building something lasting. It’s difficult to look at the events of the past few years and see anything positive that has come out of it, but often we lack perspective in our own lives. Hopefully one day we will look back and discover that September 11 was a turning point at which the US began to build a new pathway to a more productive destiny.

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