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Check out Phil Brown’s post on the life of the gifted mime Marcel Marceaux who died last week. Phil points out that Astrotheme‘s chart shows Gemini rising, although I am always a bit suspect of their birthtimes which are unattributed. But most interesting to me is the conjunction of Mercury in Pisces to Uranus, which shows that communication (Mercury) occurs in a unique way (Uranus).

Phil says, “Mercury can have difficulty expressing itself through normal channels of communication when in Pisces, and Marceau communicated best through the unconventional language of silent pantomime. I think that helps to show us that even “poorly placed” planets (Mercury is supposed to be debilitated in Pisces) can find interesting ways to express themselves, shine, and even excel.”

Also interesting is the timing of his death at 84 during the Uranus return. Many elders at that age completely reinvent themselves, and the transition out of physical form is certainly one way to accomplish that!

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