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When the Ascendant conflicts with the rest of the chart

A few days ago I posted on Owen Wilson’s hospitalization which has now been confirmed as a suicide attempt. A USA Today article writes:
Over the years, Owen Wilson projected the public image of a happy-go-lucky, Hollywood playboy.

His crooked-nosed good looks and jovial attitude suggested a young man who was laid-back, slightly damaged from hard-but-satisfying living, and otherwise in total control of his excellent fortune and success.

There has been no public intoxication, no arrests, no whispers of excessive moodiness or violent outbursts. He gave no gloomy interviews or discussed any emotional imbalance in his life.
We don’t know Wilson’s time of birth so we don’t know his ascendant, or rising sign. Since the rising sign shows our outward persona, it is the most visible and the easiest to guess. My guess for Owen Wilson is a Sagittarius ascendant.


Wilson’s chart shows a number of planets in intense Scorpio which is much deeper and darker than the Sag ascendant, which may have locked him and his emotions in a prison of which the Sagittarian or similar ascendant was the jailer. A dear friend of mine was a double Sag with a strong Pluto/Scorpio component to his chart which very few people ever saw. He locked that side of himself away and died Friday of cancer at the age of 46. Perhaps there was no connection, but I will always wonder.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to make friends with every aspect of your chart. This is what is required in order to become a fully integrated human!

  • Neith
  • Elsa

    Lynn, Ouch.
    I’m so sorry for you loss. :-

  • Molly

    Blessings to you, Lynn. So sorry about your friend

  • Lynn

    There was something else I forgot to mention and because I’m blogging by mobile I can’t edit. But I read an article about Owen where he said that he would like to play darker characters and maybe if he has a chance to do that he can break free of that surfer dude persona

  • shamie

    Ugh. I am Scorpio, Sagg rising, Aquarius moon…. this was hard to read and so true

  • Lynn

    Because the ascendant is a mask and not really a part of our inner energy makeup we are typically less comfortable with the ascendant unless it ties in with the rest of the chart. That’s why I see Owen Wilson as being made a prisoner by his Sagittarius ascendant rather than being more comfortable with it than the Scorpio side of himself.

    I have many clients who really dislike part of their chart. Such as Shamie above – the Aquarius Moon dislikes the Scorpio intensity, and the Sag ascendant may win out much of the time. With a Scorpio Sun you MUST have those intense emotional experiences or you will not thrive. The Sun shows what feeds us and what we need literally to survive

  • Suzanne

    Lynn, I’m so sorry for your loss.

    All week I’ve been thinking about the value of integrating – first, recognizing – the shadow. With Libra rising and a first house Scorpio stellium (including Sun-Neptune conj), it’s been a lifetime of learning to represent myself genuinely.


  • Lynn

    Good for you Suzanne – to live a fully empowered life requires this kind of conscious understanding of one’s own inner world. It’s not easy but so crucial

  • Francesca

    this was very interesting to read.
    especially this:
    “Because the ascendant is a mask and not really a part of our inner energy makeup we are typically less comfortable with the ascendant unless it ties in with the rest of the chart. That’s why I see Owen Wilson as being made a prisoner by his Sagittarius ascendant rather than being more comfortable with it than the Scorpio side of himself.”
    But I guess i would think that if your a sagittarius ascendent, how would it keep him prisoner? I would think since its a positive sign it could have pushed him to be more positive to get through his sun sign scorpio dark battles?
    I have a sag rising
    and moon in scorpio lol
    the moon in scorpio is intensly emotional.
    I dont like it at all! not a very good sign lol

  • Lynn Hayes

    Hi Francesca, thanks for your comment! Staying positive is a good thing, except when it causes us to ignore other feelings within ourselves that go underground and then erupt later. If we have a Scorpio or Pluto component in our chart we must go into the dark battles eventually, and while Sag can help us to avoid those places that’s not necessarily an advantage in the long run. There needs to be a balance struck between the optimism of Sagittarius and the need for darkness that Scorpio has.

  • Sandy

    this is interesting! i have scorpio sun, cap moon, and libra ascendant. my ascendant is so outgoing and chatty, which people see when they first meet me. but then when i have moments of being quiet or introverted, it really puzzles people! another problem i run into is that i choose friends that my libra ascendant gravitates towards more often than my scorpio sun or cap moon. i choose more chatty, outgoing signs as friends. but sometimes, those chatty, outgoing ones aren’t so loyal, as they spread themselves very thin. and you know the scorp sun craves intense and loyal frienships! i have had luck with a cancer, though. she’s so outgoing, chatty, and daring, yet is true blue loyal (except when she has a bf, in which case i have to remind her to stop making him the center of her world). but, in any event, yes, i do run into conflicts. however, for the most part, i am thankful for the libra and sag that runs in my chart (i have a lot of each), because it lightens up my darker sun and moon. however, then i have to deal with those conflicts. arghhh lol

  • Sandy

    oh, i should add that i do embrace my darker sides…sometimes to the surprise of others around me. i’ve been in very deep emotional depths and also emotional highs. and i can be quite the cynic and view the world as cold and unforgiving, but then at other moments i can be quite the optomist. sometimes i feel like i have a split personality. but, at the end of the day, i feel like i’m being true to myself in whichever mood i display. it just gets confusing for other people around me lol

  • thea

    Hi Sandy, I’m also a Scorp Sun, Cap moon, and Libra rising and I have the same problem! I also have a lot of Sagittarius in my chart too. I have had good and longstanding friendships with Capricorn Sun/Moon people. I’m 29.35 degrees on the Cusp of Scorp/Sag so I seem to flip between sag and scorp over the years. I don’t feel like a scorpio at all and by looking at me and meeting you would never know I was one! All the Scorpio women I know are a little too much for me. I like a light sweet friendship, not a heavy brooding one haha. All that sagittarius makes me like a bull in a china shop around other scorpios!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Marky

    I agree Owen has to be a Sagittarius Rising.

    I’ve always assumed it. For one thing, Rising Sign is very phsycial, and Sag Rising tends to have those two lines that go up either side of the nose, under both eyes, then out from the temples.

    Like Princess Diana.

    Which is why I’d always assumed Dennis Hopper had a Sagittarius Rising, and was unfazed when I eventually learned he did.

    So, given that Owen could be Hopper’s son (same voice, same facial structure, only cuter than Hopper ever was) I’d believe nothing other than Sagittarius Rising.

    People have even joked that Owen looks like Ellen Degeners — ALSO a Sagittarius Rising.

    The only thing that throws me is that I would have guess Scorpio/Libra Moon before Scorpio/Scorpio Moon with Owen (I find the former infinitely more interesting, and more talented). But for Owen to have Sagittarius Rising, the Moon has already gone into Scorpio by that point on 11/18/68.

    So my vote for Sag Rising outstrips my vote for Scorpio/Libra Moon.

  • Chuckie8

    I’m about 99% sure Owen Wilson indeed has a Sagittarius Rising — and I’ve never found his birthtime… It’s the same reason I guessed Dennis Hopper had a Sag Rising (and I turned out to be right — he could be Owen’s daddy!) and people joke Owen Wilson looks like Ellen DeGeneres/Princess Di — both of whom have/had Sagittarius Rising!
    Sagittarius Rising, among other things, has a distinctive line that runs along each side of the nose, then under each eye, and out thru the temple (even at a fairly young age) and Owen — and pretty much all of them — have that.

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