Astrological Musings

After I posted my eclipse experience yesterday there were quite a few comments from readers sharing their own changes. Each of us has a different path and we are affected differently by planetary events depending on a variety of factors.

Still there is an underlying theme here: the breakup of underlying subconscious patterns which hold us back.

Most of us are resistant to change and we tend to see our emotional dysfunction as part of who we are. It becomes more difficult to give them up as we evolve and progress, and we hold on harder and tighter to that dysfunction in an attempt to hold onto our old identity.

I feel it is more useful to take this oppurtunity to step back and observe what is being triggered rather than react blindly. Slow your breath and let your heart soften. See where you can let go and where you’re not ready.

Life is an adventure, and its greatest mysteries lie within our own psyche!

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