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Astrological Musings

Reactions to the eclipse

After I posted my eclipse experience yesterday there were quite a few comments from readers sharing their own changes. Each of us has a different path and we are affected differently by planetary events depending on a variety of factors.

Still there is an underlying theme here: the breakup of underlying subconscious patterns which hold us back.

Most of us are resistant to change and we tend to see our emotional dysfunction as part of who we are. It becomes more difficult to give them up as we evolve and progress, and we hold on harder and tighter to that dysfunction in an attempt to hold onto our old identity.

I feel it is more useful to take this oppurtunity to step back and observe what is being triggered rather than react blindly. Slow your breath and let your heart soften. See where you can let go and where you’re not ready.

Life is an adventure, and its greatest mysteries lie within our own psyche!

  • Lori


    You so totally nailed it when you wrote:

    “Each of us has a different path and we are affected differently by planetary events depending on a variety of factors. Still there is an underlying theme here: the breakup of underlying subconscious patterns which hold us back.”

    That breakup of subconscious patterns has been brewing with my husband and myself for the past month. On a mundane level, he’s trying to give up smoking for the upteenth time and realizing that the SUBCONSIOUS patterns are what’s holding him back from being able to stay smoke-free. The eclipse is occuring in his first house. Can it get any more obvious than that?

    Meanwhile, I’m dealing with similar issues that you wrote about yesterday. Reacting!! Overreacting to things that push buttons (like not feeling supported) but are old patterns that no longer serve me. Still, they are like encrusted rust when it comes to shaking them. We, too, had a blowup yesterday where I got on him for not taking a part in his healing and he got on me for overreacting. Both are true. And, like you, in about two hours, it just kind of blew over. No lingering like it has in the past. That struck me as progress.

    The eclipse is happening in my 12th house, which freaks me out in a “self undoing” sort of way

  • Jane

    OK, Lynn. The strangest thing happened early this morning.

    My husband couldn’t get comfortable in bed, so he went into the guest room to read and he fell asleep. I awoke at 2:15 MST and felt a sense of restlessness that I haven’t felt in years. I was literally flayling all over the bed. I’d go back to sleep only to have a weird dream and then wake up an hour later with the same restless anxiety churning. Finally, my husband wanders back into our room at 5:40am and falls onto the bed, saying, “What a weird night of sleep. I kept waking up and felt so…restless and hyped up.”

    Separate rooms and the same experience at almost the same times.

    I’m a Gemini with Pisces rising and Libra moon and he’s a Leo with Capricorn rising and Taurus moon.

    I think we basically felt the entire eclipse from beginning to end.

    Looking back on it, it was like a fragmented surge of energy that felt SO discordant and crashing, as if I was being pulled in five different directions at once. Horrible. I’m still feeling dead tired from the night but too tired to sleep.

    This is a tough one

  • Lynn

    Lori and Lane, thanks for sharing your stories. Change isn’t easy, there’s no doubt about that

  • Jenny

    I am new to your site and was SO GRATEFUL for your compassionate comments about the eclipse. I was absolutely in the throws of things over the past several days. Your comment about stepping back to see what you are ready to let go of really resonates with me. Thank you

  • Lynn

    Jenny, thanks for visiting and for your comment; I’m so glad it was helpful for you

  • Nancy

    OMG! I am so glad I am not the only one. Things are crazy ~ Major fights w. my daughter, business is SO bad. Finances are, well, messed up to the extreme and not in a positive kind of way. I feel like I am barely hanging on

  • Denise

    I have been terribly unhappy, restless and unsure for quite a while. I walked around all day with a huge smile on my face, overwhelming joy and love in my heart. Everyone kept on asking me what I was smiling at! Very strange.

  • Lynn

    Nancy, if these are long-term issues you probably have other things going on in your chart than just the eclipse. The eclipse acted as a catalyst to bring other things to the surface. Perhaps it’s time to change tactics?

    Denise – a good example of how these big shifts often can move us into a space that is more open and free

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