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Aquarius Stellium of 1962

Although I have done several readings for people born in 1962 with five or six planets in Aquarius and knew that this was a strong Aquariuan time, I did not realize that on February 5, 1962 there was an astonishing seven planets including a New Moon (with a conjunction to the South Node) tightly aligned in Aquarius. The “Time Wave Zero 2012″ newsgroup that I’m a member of posted a link to this chart of this event. It’s really quite astonishing!

Any time you have a concentration of planets in one sign you have a personality with a tremendous amount of focus who is not well-balanced. Aquarius is a sign of the intellect and based in reason, and an unadulterated dose of Aquarius in the chart gives the individual a Spock-like quality. The urge for individuation in the sign of Aquarius can bring an unusual personality bordering on the bizarre, depending on the ascendant which describes the persona and appearance. We would expect them to be open minded and free spirits, passionate about social justice but with more difficulty in personal relationships due to the intense need for autonomy of the Aquarian influence.


Everyone born during this stellium has Neptune in Scorpio squaring the Aquarius planets – the
sign of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Also the blurring of identity, confusion over boundaries. Obviously, different ascendants and house structures will bring a variety of life experiences to these people.

Eddie Izzard was born on February 7, and his chart has six planets in Aquarius (all but the Moon which is in Pisces and therefore lends a strong water/emotional signature to the chart). Eddie’s comedy takes the Aquarian tendency for the eccentric to the extreme: he is known for its surreal and hard to understand style, his bizarre sense of humor and his rambling stream-of-consciousness musings. He is a known cross-dresser (the Aquarius archetype tends to be rather androgynous)


Jennifer Jason Leigh was born on February 5, 1962 with all six planets plus the Moon in Aquarius. She is not as openly bizarre as Eddie Izzard, but the characters she plays are always pretty weird. Evidently she told Ron Howard when auditioning for the film “Backdraft,” “The only role I want to play is the fire.”

On the other hand, Clint Black was also born that day and appears perfectly normal. Taurus rising perhaps? He exploded suddenly into the country music scene in a very Aquarian way, out of nowhere, with a completely new style that had not been seen in country music until then. USA Today wrote, “There may never have been a country performer who has created a bigger stir right out of the box.”

It’s an interesting anecdote that Jeanne Dixon predicted that the Antichrist would be born February 5, 1962 at around 7 am, right at the heart of this stellium.

  • Rollan McCleary

    So if there was any truth in what Jeane Dixon assumed what would you reckon are the chances her false Messiah born 5.5.1962 would begin to emerge next year after the Feb eclipse conjuncts his Sun/Jupiter?

    Imo one would have a hard time finding a better general astro symbolism for an Antichrist figure should he arise because all the inner planets, but not the ruler of Aquarius, are in the (human) sign which is like the too human wisdom of 666 that never arrives at the sacred and messianic 7. However the Uranian ruler conjuncts Regulus for fame and potential world rule, it also conjunts the suggestive Achristou asteroid. (Now Dixon absolutely never knew that, the asteroid hadn’t even been named in her lifetime!) Then there’s the Neptune/Mercury square good for “the man of the lie”.

    The potency and individualized relevance of the chart depends somewhat on where the birth took place (Dixon only said the Middle East) thus affecting the houses. At a guess Cancer should rise. “And I saw a beast rising from the sea”. There’s much one might say and speculate but sufficient to say this a pattern worth watching

  • Lynn

    There’s some synchronicity here because Nostradamus also supposedly saw the antichrist being born in the middle east.

    I would think that if the antichrist was born in 1962 he would have made a name for himself by now

  • Patricia Flannagan

    Does this mean Eddie Izzard is the Anti-Christ? He was born in Yemen, for goodness sake. Or is he just a bloke in a dress who goes on and on and on?
    Check your data on country phenomenon Garth Brooks. He was born the day after Clint Black and at one point did seem as if he was going to take over the world.
    More seriously, the current ruler of Jordan has the closest chart to the long known about mega-Aquarius eclipse of any political figure. You go figure that one.
    Regards from Florida…

  • Rollan McCleary

    I dare say quite a few people were born near the time of the fatal eclipse in various parts of the world. There were people born near Hitler (like the rather bullying philospher, Wittengenstein) since many people are born everywhere daily, albeit normally with different ascendants or degrees rising.

    Anyway, in all these cases one usually has to assess the data against other factors and charts, such as in the case of any potential false Messiah, for example against the pattern for Israel. There are reasons I couldn’t and wouldn’t go into to wonder if Dixon’s figure might not be real and yet able to arise. She last “saw” him as relocated to Rome and for what it’s worth there have been alleged claims from one of the cardinals to know who this person is. It’s simply an interesting mystery on which one keeps an open mind, BUT perhaps we should all be looking more at the current Pope’s chart to decide if he really could be the last pope in line or someone assassinated since Dixon saw the last Pope assassinated and Pope Benedict is the last Pope according to the ancient Malachy Prophecy of the Popes. Malachy’s last Pope is the last Pope before the False Messiah. So again we have a puzzle here

  • Lynn

    Jeanne Dixon was certainly not infallible, and the whole concept of the “Antichrist” is dubious to me because of the nature of Revelation which IMHO was written for a specific time period back in the days of Rome. And Patricia is correct that King Abdullah of Jordan was born on 1/30/1962 I believe, just before the eclipse.

    Still – I love Rollan’s idea that a cardinal could be the antichrist. That fits in very nicely with my lack of respect for the Vatican and the devastation it has caused to humanity over the years

  • Rollan McCleary

    No, I didn’t say a cardinal was the Antichrist – though anything is possible! – I said a cardinal (the cardinal of Bologna I believe it was) maintained a few years ago he knew someone working in Rome whom he believed corresponds to that figure yet to be fully revealed

  • Lynn

    I found some articles about a Cardinal Biffi in Rome that thinks the antichrist is a left-leaning vegetarian, coinciding with the new leftist government in italy.

  • Melissa

    I was born February 5, 1962 at 7:00 a.m. CST. I haven’t exhibited any particular anti-christ like behavior thus far…but you never know

  • Anne

    I have six planets in Taurus. Was anything going on in 1941 similar to 1962?
    born on 4 May 1941 local time 1:49 pm
    in El Paso, TX (US) U.T. 20:49
    106w29, 31n46 sid. time 04:32:26

    Planetary positionsplanet sign degree motion
    Sun Taurus 13°58’38 in house 9 direct
    Moon Leo 18°04’00 in house 12 direct
    Mercury Taurus 12°21’14 in house 9 direct
    Venus Taurus 18°03’17 in house 9 direct
    Mars Aquarius 22°17’46 in house 6 direct
    Jupiter Taurus 24°53’48 in house 9 direct
    Saturn Taurus 17°29’07 in house 9 direct
    Uranus Taurus 25°27’15 in house 9 direct
    Neptune Virgo 25°10’32 in house 1 retrograde
    Pluto Leo 2°06’55 in house 11 direct
    True Node Libra 0°53’58 in house 1 direct

    House positions (Placidus)Ascendant Virgo 11°14’19
    2nd House Libra 7°29’32
    3rd House Scorpio 7°29’59
    Imum Coeli Sagittarius 9°45’49
    5th House Capricorn 12°06’30
    6th House Aquarius 12°53’35
    Descendant Pisces 11°14’19
    8th House Aries 7°29’32
    9th House Taurus 7°29’59
    Medium Coeli Gemini 9°45’49
    11th House Cancer 12°06’30
    12th House Leo 12°53’3

  • Christine

    I live in Chapel Hill; I was born on February 9, 1962 with moon in Aries and Taurus rising. Do you think there is any hope for me?

  • Lynn

    Hi Christine – of course there is hope for you! There is hope for all of us. Some of us just have more exciting and dramatic lives than the rest of them


    I was CONCEIVED during the February 4/5, 1962 Event. (Wasn’t it referred to as a symbolic “planting” or “sowing” of seed?) No, I’m definitely not the antichrist. I’ve always known the Lord and I have a lifelong admiration for John The Baptist. We’re strikingly similar. I was delivered nine months after the Event, during Vatican-II. My ascendant is AQUARIUS as well. I’m extremely sensitive to electricity and electromagnetics, and I can project them from myself to others. Also, I believe that on the day before the Feb/62 Event, Pluto & Neptune had aligned for the first time in 400 years. Nine months later, I was born into Decan-II of Scorpio+Neptune/Pisces. Antichrist? NO. A witness against him? YES

  • Gretchen

    My sister was born on Feb 3 1962, 6AM, Palo Alto CA. She killed herself violently on Nov 5 2007. Her moon was 24 Cap in her first house along with all of the “personal” planets in Aquarius (intercepted at that). She was bipolar, couldn’t get perspective outside herself. She could turn the most positive comment or benign glance into a comdemnation. It was like she wore s*it colored glasses – it was the worst when she drank. We tried to get her into treatment but she refused – the idea that something might be “wrong” with her was unacceptable. Yea – she might not have been the antichrist but she sure lived in hell. Dixon was on to something even if she didn’t pinpoint exactly what

  • Lynn

    Gretchen, I am so sorry to hear about your sister. Her moon was right on the ascendant, a difficult thing for someone with so much Aquarius. I suspect she just had no way to channel her emotions. It’s unfortunate that she didn’t seek help, it’s always our choice how we handle the deck of cards we’re given. But not everyone with this stellium, even with the Moon in Capricorn rising, lived in hell. We create our own hell by the choices we make

  • Gretchen

    Thanks Lynn. I in no way meant to imply that everyone with this configuration has the same problem. My research has shown quite the opposite. When my sister focused on taking care of someone else (getting out of her first house) it kept her more balanced, otherwise everything was all about “me”. Some of the people she “helped” were very draining. I think that getting involved with a humanitarian cause would have been good for her as a way to get her out of herself in a less emotionally threatening way. The drinking was what really pushed things over the edge. I imagine that is a pretty common problem with Neptune squares – although I have one and I don’t drink. Problems aside, she was brilliant

  • Lynn

    That heavy imbalance in Aquarius can be tough on the nervous system

  • Reagen

    Wow – I wasn’t expecting to hear about the anti-christ. Eddie is a very sensitive person, with a clearly humanitarian bent who had a very cruel childhood, with obvious boundary issues. I never found his comedy hard to understand; in fact, quite the opposite. But then, I have a couple of Aquarian planets, myself. (hmm) Maybe it’s his Piscean moon that gives rise to the sweet side of this man and helps soften some of that nervous aquarian energy. Thanks for posting this – very interesting

  • Ezekiel

    Ruth Montgomery description of Jeane Dixon vision is found online at It is a passage her book The Gift of Phropecy. The exact time and date for that vision should be February 5th, 1962 7:17 am in Washington DC.
    Jeane Dixon was an excelent seer but a loosy interpreter. Her vision was great and trascendental. Her interpretation was not.
    A vision is full of symbols. We must interpret the symbols. King Akhenaton represents monoteism. Joseph represents judaism. The child represents a new style or form of Christianity, a monotheistic Christianity. One where the Divinity would be percieve and understood as a one person God with characteristics similar to those of the Sun. Observe also that both Akhenaton and Nefertity and betrayed and killed and the sun moves on to become an adult. As Joseph was the one pulling the strings should could be blamed for their death.
    Now it is important to note that the God of Christianity is a multipersonal God. At its highest level there are three persons, the Divine Father, the Divine Mother (otherwise known as the Holy Spirit) and the Divine Son. But God does not limit himself to three persons. As a matter of fact he wants to share his divinity with all of us. He wants all of us to become one with him, effectively becoming God, sharing his divine nature. This is the great revelation about the Godhead that Jesus brought into the World.
    The new Monotheistic Crhistianity promoted by Joseph separates us from God and limits God to the personal traits of the Astrological Sun. A limited God, apart and separated from us. The God, as a matter of fact of Judaism and Islam.

  • reallyaquarius

    I was wondering having so much aquarius in my chart. My sun, moon, merc, venus and jupiter, i feel so out of touch with other people but am able to make friends quickly but don’t feel I understand them. My sun, merc, venus and jupiter are all in my 3rd house. I am very witty, and quite quicker than most. Everyone usually says I have the most intelligent sense of humor. I dont’ know if that’s a compliment. Anyway I am not really strange. My ascendent is in scorpio and my mars in taurus I think help ground me a little. However, I find that I am definitley a little outta control. I was born in jan of 1974

  • Suzanne

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody else has given thought to the fact that Barack Obama was born almost exactly six months before the Aquarius stellium of 1962. He has Aquarius rising with Jupiter in the 12th in Aquarius.



  • PharaohsTreasure

    Several years ago I read about this figure called Lord Materieya who Jeanne Dixon claimed to have seen a vision. I know from personal experience that her vision was partially correct.
    The whole Anti-Christ title only suggest that the person doesn’t follow the Christian doctrine the way Christians see it. This could also go for every Christian domination in existence today. You have Catholics, Lutherans, Methodist, Baptist etc. who interpret the bible in their own way. So who is going to decide what is real Christianity? Jeanne Dixon was a Catholic and her interpretation of Anti-Christ may not sound well with those who know about the 100 million Native Americans exterminated in the new world under Catholicism. There was the Christian Crusades. How about the Spain Inquisitions from 1100 A.D. to the 1800’s Or what about the Trans Atlantic slave trade where tens of million of Africans died under the cloak of capitalism Christianity and Islam. The was also had the rise of Nazi Germany under the same banner. What Anti-Christ? What Jeanne Dixon was my birth not in the Asia but right here in the United States. I was born five days prior to her vision. I have proof. Go to YouTube and search for PharaohsTreasure. You will see my direct connection to King Ahkenaten and Queen Nefertiti, the Great Pyramid, Constellation of Orion and more.

  • Christine

    That’s vereh inta-restin’ Suzanne.. Hmm.
    I am a 1962 Aquastell (2/9, aries moon & Taurus rising, Scorpio descendant) and a number of us have gotten together online and compared notes. It is interesting how many similarities we have discovered. It also seems clear that some of us incarnated on purpose at that time, to be around to help lead the way with the stuff that’s happening now (Sheryl Crow is a good example, although unfortunately she has been distracted recently with promoting the cancer industry). Some 1962 Aquarians are totally clueless. It is interesting. Anyway, I would be interested in talking with you Lynn and getting some of your insights. I live in Chapel Hill.

  • Lori

    I am also 2/9/1962. I have known since I was a child that I had a purpose. As a child, I could SEE things. I am in the process of making a website for “us”. It seems most of those websites have gone away that pertain to Aquarius 1962. The post prior to mine is two months old. Any comments???

  • graham london

    I am the 01/02/1962 i feel i have the the power to change the world lol my purpose is to bring happiness to others lol

  • mike fischer

    i was born on 5feb62 – around midnight i think – is that bad?

  • Glenn

    Hello Everyone,
    Today I hope peace is in your heart and you can see clearly. I was born February 5, 1962 at 10am in Modesto, California . Until recently my life has had many trials, beginning with my adoption.For what ever reason I am just now I am learning about the importance of the date,and now learning a little more about astrology , I am making more sense of events I have experienced and the energies I constantly feel. Though lately at stages of awareness it’s hard to deny an absorption of energy; but it scares me I haven’t had any guidance? I don’t know who to talk to.

  • Bet

    @ Lori – I would like more info on your website, please – there is a group out there, who meets on facebook:
    Look for aquarius62 as a like, as a person, and as a group on facebook, as well as myspace. He also has his original website, whose URL I included above. Ken Paul is the person’s name who has done all of these. Hope any who have the Aquastell in their chart seeks these sites out! Thanks – Bet

  • alka

    i am born under the aquarian stellium of 1962 have 5planets in fourth house which includes south me life isnt easy,finally am doing my own research on the same..

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment John

    I am born 13/2 1962, i have stellium in aquarius 1 house,ascendant in capricorn,moon in gemini in th 4th. house,uranus,neptun and pluto in lion and virgin

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment janet

    I was born Feb 8, 1962 I think around 4:30 pm in Port Alberni, BC Canada. My life has been a struggle. It’s as if god takes great love out of taking things away from me and watching me struggle. If something can go wrong, it happens to me and I am good person. Often there is no explanation or an odd occurance associated with things that happen to me. Will I ever have peace?

    • Lynn Hayes

      Janet, often we have to change our perception of the experiences that occur in our lives in order to find that peace that you seek. Understanding your astrological chart can help to provide a context for the events and experiences in your life and can help with that perception shift.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Crys

    My d.o.b is 1/26/62 @ 6:58 pm. I have all 5 of my AQ planets in the 6th house with a Leo Ascendant and a Libra Moon. My North Node is in Leo and the South Node is in Aquarius.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Tony Man

    hey that my birthday 😉

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Anna

    What an interesting blog. I was born Feb 13, 1962 and have a Leo ascendant, Gemini moon with the north node in Leo. I’ve always been considered a bit odd, but I don’t mind a bit. Like someone else said I “see” things too, but get terribly frustrated at how long it takes other people to see the same thing. They always do, but my goodness it seems to take forever.

    I’ve always loved Eddy Izzard’s humour…now I know why.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment MJ

    I was born on February 4, 1962….and thus, have 7 planets in Aquarius, all in the fifth house: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. My rising sign is in Libra… I am interested in learning more about the astrological implications/ideas regarding this date! Thanks….

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment RF

    2/7/1962 @ 16:40 near BLM, Maine

    Christ is a fiction butt the teachings are real…

    Count on it, keep your loin girded and lamp lit… (Eternal Consciousness fixed in presence)

  • Iwontbefooledagain

    We have a Facebook group for 1962 Aquastells who want to connect with their birthmates.

    • astromancer

      Anyone out there born between 11;15 am and noon on Jan 23rd 1962 as I would be very interested to compare life events,psychology,attitudes and interests.I am very interested in astrology and this information might shed some light on my chart. Thank you.

    • Bob B Conner

      would love to connect…

  • Bob B Conner

    OK There are a few confusing facts here… Feb 3rd 1962. was the Night That almost every hospital in the world was having a tremendous amount of children.Based on normal days say they average 4 babies they had 10 or more and this happened at the same rate in almost every hospital across the globe. so if they were having 20 that night it was 60-80 People in India were saying it was the end of the world. It was kept Hush hush due to the mortality rate. So if the Anti christ came it was 2/3 /62 2×3=6 and 6 twice equals 666. Babies were dying at an Alarming rate. I was born at Vandenberg Air force base. 2/3/62. 8+ weeks premature. They kept giving my mother Drugs to keep me in. But I was refusing like many other Babies that Night. Born at 3 lbs. They told my Mother do no tell your parents you have had a child . We do not expect him to live. At the age of 4 1/2 I was on a TV show/ Or military testing that was being Filmed. in Calif. they had gathered children from all around the globe to do tests on and question us. funny how I fit your description to a tee. I will be sharing

  • espia8321

    Tomorrow Aquarius starts with 5 planets aligned, and that is why I am here today. I hope a portal opens for Aquarius people. It is being tough during the past decade.

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