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In case you didn’t know, the Democrats held the world’s first You Tube debate last night. Jill has a report this morning that gets right down to the fundamentals of the candidates. I have no link to astrology here, but it’s a good character study. Here’s a sampling:

Dennis Kucinich: He’s fun to listen to, but talking about the Kucinich zen utopia is a waste of time.

Bill Richardson: Awful. It’s a shame, because [he] is the best candidate to handle the mess into which the Bush Administration has turned our relations with the rest of the world.

John Edwards: So far I’m leaning towards voting for Edwards. He seemed, well, real. [The problem is] that we KNOW that he’s GOOD at seeming real.

Barack Obama: With every debate, Obama looks more like he should be the president on a tv show.

Hillary Clinton: I can’t support her on policy, and I absolute will not support her on the war, but … She had the biggest balls in the room last night.

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