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Planetary updates for July are posted here. Excerpt for the first week:

July 1st finds us still in the shadow of the Full Moon in Capricorn, the sign of achievement ruled by Saturn which impels us to seek solid ground, something made more difficult by the opposition of Saturn to Neptune, the planet of mysticism and transcendence. Saturn is separating now from Neptune, but its influence will remain throughout the month although it will continue to weaken. On July 1 Saturn conjuncts Venus as well, requiring us to be responsible (Saturn) to others in our lives (Venus), but also planting the seeds of self-doubt and insecurity.

Six planets are retrograde now, including Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. When planets appear to be moving backwards (in retrograde motion) we find ourselves going back to previous episodes of our life and having to re-do them. Two steps forward, one step back as we perfect the past and move forward with new wisdom and maturity.

Jupiter’s transit is practically stationary as it travels only two degrees throughout the entire month. Chiron is also moving extremely slowly and these two planets remain within orb of a sextile that will be exact on September 7. The sextile of Jupiter and Chiron facilitates the healing process as Jupiter’s expansive optimism and desire for faith and understanding opens doorways for Chiron’s work in exposing our more painful memories and experiences so that they are made more available for healing and transformation.

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