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I am swamped today, so I give you Dharmaruci’s excellent take on the future of the Bush’s presidency (and not just because he quotes me!!) But what happens when reality runs so counter to the worldview of an unusually rigid […]

John Roberts suffered a seizure yesterday and fell at his Maine vacation home on Monday, July 30. This was the second time he had blacked out after experiencing what they are calling a “benign idiopathic seizure,” meaning the medical experts […]

The square of Mars to Saturn is exact today, and not a minute too soon. Is it my imagination or has there been many more explosions, car wrecks, dramatic and fiery events lately? Both are still in aspect to Neptune, […]

U2 singer and world-famous philanthropist Bono has been seen canoodling with Penelope Cruz in St. Tropez, leading many to speculate on a relationship between the two. Photos from the Daily Mail certainly seem to confirm a special tie between them, […]

My husband Rich is a very laid-back guy, nothing bothers him very much. He is in the middle of a transit of Pluto square to his Sun, a transit that can be very difficult as we are forced to face […]

The Moon will be full in Aquarius on July 29, with the Moon in opposition to the Leo Sun. Full Moons are oppositions, calling on us to balance two opposing viewpoints. The Leo/Aquarius polarity creates tension between the need to […]

Kathryn notes that the Venus cycle from 2001 to 2007 makes the shape of a pentagram with this interesting analysis: It’s interesting to note that Venus is associated with love, harmony and proportion when the pentagram that its 5 retrograde […]

I like what Melody has to say on Venus retrograding in Virgo: Because I have a Virgo Moon, a friend of mine who gave me my first real astrology reading told me the story of how Native Americans would weave […]

The lovely Venus, having just entered Virgo a few short days ago, has slowed down for her retrograde turn tomorrow. While traveling backward she will re-enter the more outgoing sign of Leo where she enjoys a good party, at least […]

I can’t believe this has not made it into the mainstream news media. In my update on Bush a few days ago I mentioned this new presidential directive of May 9 declaring martial law in the event of a national […]