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Mars is gearing up for a trine to Saturn and sextile to Neptune over the next couple of days. For those of us who are experiencing the opposition (between Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius) over sensitive points in our chart, the additional influence of Mars will help to energize our ability to balance the oppositional dynamics of Saturn and Neptune.

Where Saturn demands that we be practical and establish a firm footing in our life, Neptune urges us to surrender our material existence in favor of one that is more open and idealistic. When both of these planets are in a difficult aspect to planets in our own chart, the effect, as we have seen since last August, can be destabilizing.

Mars adds verve and vigor to the dynamic in the fiery trine to Saturn, giving us the energy and focus required to put our plans into action. Mars in sextile to Neptune fires up our creativity and imagination while it inspires us to achieve something in our spiritual life. Where we have been stuck on the dilemma that Saturn and Neptune offer, Mars gives us the courage and inspiration to create the balance in our life that is required.

The final phase of the Saturn/Neptune opposition will have its own challenges as Neptune seeks to undo the rigidity of our Saturn structures, and Saturn confronts the illusions of our unrealistic Neptunian ideals. Still, there is a lot of positive energy available right now if we take advantage of it!!

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