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Christopher Hitchens has a new book out called “God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.” While I totally agree with his premise that religion (Sagittarius) has poisoned many things and created more wars than anything else, I am saddened […]

image from Despite a 6.5% decline in the Chinese stock markets, the Dow Jones and S&P averages relentlessly rose to a new high and the Nasdaq index went up 21 points. Americans are unique in their unabashed optimism and […]

Tomorrow’s Full Moon occurs at 9:05 pm EDT and brings with it a flood of positive energy. The Moon is full in Sagittarius, the sign of expansion, adventure and optimism. During the Full Moon the solar light of conscious awareness […]

Check out Dharma’s post from Sunday which fills in some of the blanks in my portrait of JFK’s health issues. He also muses on the expectations parents place on children and how that is reflected in the birthchart in Saturn/Neptune […]

Lindsey Lohan has been blessed with beauty and success, but over the past year she has become the subject of tabloid headlines. Most recently she was arrested for drunk driving and the possible possession of cocaine. (See birthchart link.) Lindsey […]

Leslie over at Karmic Knowledge has posted a very interesting article about Jerry Falwell’s karmic choice between fundamentalism and freedom. She posts a quote from writer Steven Pressfield that I found particularly potent: …The human being isn’t wired to function […]

I have long been fascinated by the possibility of forecasting the weather by the planets and I recently found a website (unfortunately I don’t recall the path I took) called The Weather Alternative that is quite interesting. Here in North […]

I was a student during the Vietnam war, and in demonstrations and marches against the war we decried the philosophy of our government that killing for peace made sense. On September 11 we were attacked by Osama bin Laden, and […]

Actually, our Sun sign actually has very little to do with our personality but instead is much more about your essential mission on Planet Earth. The personality is described by the ascendant and the relationship between the other planets. So […]

Urania has a wonderful post subtitled “The Magic of Believing”: Fairy Godmother’s magic can only last so long, and when midnight strikes, the coach turns back into a pumpkin. Ah, the pain of disillusion. We’re all there to some extent: […]