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Although I am a news hound, I prefer to take my news with the biting sarcasm of Jill’s blog or the sophomoric humor of Jon Stewart. Another one of my favorite news sources is Stephanie Miller’s radio show, and Stephanie was kind enough to send me her correct birthdate and even the time when I sent her a profile I did when this blog was new that had incorrect birth data from the IMDB database (that’s what happens when celebrities lie about their age!). Stephanie is funny AND intelligent, which is something new for talk radio. Even Al Franken could not compare in belly laughs to the Stephanie Miller Show.

Evidently Stephanie and the “Mooks,” her “no-men” Chris LaVoie and Voice Guy Extraordinaire Jim Ward, will be lighting up the airwaves as temporary replacements for MSNBC Monday through Wednesday next week, set your DVRs for April 30-May 2, from 6-9 am EST. It will be fun to see the radio show translated to television, and you won’t be sorry you tuned in!!

Transiting Saturn is making a square to Stephanie ascendant right now, making this a difficult time for personal relationships, but Pluto is in trine to Uranus in her chart which sits right on her midheaven. This is a great time for her to move more fully into the public eye and become more visible (the midheaven is the point at which we become a public figure). Fortunately she has her dogs to keep her company.

You can listen to snippets on her website for an exciting preview of next week’s events.

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