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Jupiter is currently square to Uranus, an aspect which typically causes us to expand (Jupiter) our ability to take in and absorb radical information (Uranus). At the same time Saturn is trine to Jupiter which tends to keep our feet […]

Many cities and towns have old laws on the books against “fortune-telling,” but they are rarely if ever exercised. Now Philadelphia has taken a giant step backwards by “closing storefront psychics, astrologers, phrenologists and tarot-card readers who charge money for […]

Thank you Astrology News for posting this link from Oculus Divinorum with this link to an article by astrologer Victoria Bazely that mirrors my feelings on this issue EXACTLY!! I have a pet peeve, and like most pet peeves perhaps, […]

We are in range now of the Mars/Uranus conjunction which is exact on the 29th and occurs in concert to a square of Mars to Jupiter on the 30th. Mars moves relatively quickly, but these are intense energies that have […]

It seems to me to be the height of hubris when, knowing that the universe is vast and filled with an unknowable number of planets many people still feel that Earth is the only one with life. Scientists have now […]

Although I am a news hound, I prefer to take my news with the biting sarcasm of Jill’s blog or the sophomoric humor of Jon Stewart. Another one of my favorite news sources is Stephanie Miller’s radio show, and Stephanie […]

Elsa was kindly put up a link to an article John Townley wrote about “When Uranus Meets Mars.” A little less than every two years on average Mars conjoins Uranus, and when that combination of explosive force and targeted energy […]

Jill wrote a post yesterday about the sudden disappearance of honeybees, and subsequent research turned up this article which connects weather anomalies to changes in the Gulf Stream circuit, an event which occurred between December 11 and 19th just as […]

It was recently announced that the US has made the brilliant (tongue in cheek) decision to build a wall separating the Shia and Sunni districts in Baghdad (after all, it worked so well for Germany). Dharmaruci has a wonderful post […]

If you’re new to this site and missed the articles last year on Pluto’s reclassification and the new planet Eris, along with Ceres which was promoted from asteroid to planet status, I’ve synthesized them into permanent articles and posted them […]