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I’ve been meaning to post this for some time, but the Townleys’ wonderful website Astrococktail has a great article about the Astroblogosphere featuring yours truly and friends:

Because this is the blogosphere, there’s lots of overlapping or conflicting opinion, but it’s the more informative because the stance is generally one of seeking and sharing rather than pontificating, so even if you don’t agree with what’s being said, either astrologically or politically, that’s OK, it’s part of the trip. And, of course, most have their own set of favorite links if you want to go someplace else for further elucidation or a second opinion. What really sets them apart from the more traditional astrological sites is that they’re intellectually in motion, and excited about it, concerned with how it all fits in with history, science, global politics.

Thanks to ever-evolving varieties of connectivity on the Web, these sites are also getting more play and more central places to be found. The large, general “Top Ten Sources” aggregator has two astrology top tens, one general edited by New England astrologer Susan Custer and an overlapping one for news, edited by Elsa herself! Elsa has found a technological way to tag onto seemingly all the latest astrological material in the blogosphere (and, to an extent, elsewhere – the occasional AstroCocktail article links are labeled “Mainstream Media”!). That’s producing a veritible flood of opinion piece links, though the bugs aren’t all out of it yet — it sometimes spews out too much off a single site, not all of it current. But all in all, it’s an admirable attempt to get everybody out there into view, for all to see – “a rising tide floats all boats,” as she generously puts it, and there’s a flotilla on parade out there now, so go take a look!

All of this is first-hand evidence that astrology has lately left the sphere of the far-out and “entertainment-only” fringe and become a part of mainstream discussion and, particularly, vocabulary. Only two years ago when we at AstroCocktail began our “real-news” page (meaning, links to real on-earth news stories on the subject, not general sky events), it was sometimes hard to find a good story. Now you just open the pages of the New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes magazine, or go to any of the major newswires, and astrology stories abound, some of them hilarious, some fascinatingly informative, some really quite scary. We never lack for news to point you to. Here are some of the major astro-blogs we’ve had our eye on of late, but expect this partial list to be changing daily as more people from the world at large bring their thoughts and their commentary to this particular corner of the Web.

John Townley is an internationally-respected astrologer and widely published author, and the Astrococktail site is loaded with astrology articles and of course the wonderful news page which is a great source of fascinating tidbits of information.

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