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Jeffrey was the first astrologer to link to my blog, and I naturally have a soft spot in my heart for him. With his first house Pluto he is often reluctant to participate in the memes that reveal bloggery secrets, but now you can learn all about Jeffrey in this interview. Jeffrey has several blogs including Astrology in the Movies and Lunar Tunes, and is a psychotherapist in New York as well. I particularly like what Jeffrey has to say about astrology:

The significance of astrology to me is that there is a divine order to the Universe, and that we are born at a specific time and location so that we can spiritually evolve. Astrology helps people grow into who they are “called” to be. On a more mundane level, it helps people navigate times of transition by understanding cycles of change. If you know that you are supposed to be breaking down structures in your life, then you can consciously explore what parts of your life are rigid, so that the restructuring comes from within rather outside of yourself.

Check it out!

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