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Venus and Neptune are completing their little dance and Mercury is approaching a conjunction to Chiron, all in Aquarius. Aquarius brings inspiration and insight to the Chironic healing experience, and Mercury facilitates communication and a deepening wisdom. The Moon has just joined these four Aquarian planets and tomorrow the Sun enters Aquarius as well, so we’ll have four planets and both luminaries (Sun and Moon) strengthening the Aquarian focus.

Aquarius remember is ruled by Uranus, planet of innovation, rebellion, radical change, the authentic process and that which is unusual. Jupiter is in square to Uranus right now, expanding its reach and its dominion, so with this heavy Aquarian/Uranian influence the next few days should be quite interesting. Watch for new inventions, technological advances, radical ideas in the world political arena. Aquarius is more concerned with fairness than with ego, but as a fixed sign it can become bogged down with the need to control. It is not comfortable in the emotional realm, making this a less auspicious time for romance or other emotional situations.

By the way, am I the only one having technological difficulties now that Jupiter is square to Uranus? (Uranus rules technology.)

The heavy Aquarian influence will predominate over the next few weeks until Mercury and Venus move into Pisces and Jupiter lifts its crown off of Uranus.

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