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A major flare on the Sun earlier this week generated what scientists are calling a solar tsunami.

The tsunami-like shock wave, formally called a Moreton wave, rolled across the hot surface, destroying two visible filaments of cool gas on opposite sides of the visible face of the Sun. . . .

Will this affect us here on earth? It’s hard to say. Galactic astrologer Philip Sedgwick has this to say about solar flares:

Given that the human aura comes from the electrical-neural-spiritual system of an individual, the stimulation of the solar storm can affect behavior as well. This occurs because of the natural response of the body’s energy to all the stimulation in the airwaves. Because of our knowledge of this solar eruption, we can step back, take an extra few breaths and allow for any challenging or confronting situations to cool somewhat. This way we can avoid our own ego-based solar flares (the Sun equates to primal ego in astrology).

Consider this your SPF protection warning. The energy of the Sun offers more stimulation than you might need. Therefore, remember to invoke your personal spirit protection filters. Then enjoy the display of lights in the sky.

This comes on top of five planets in fiery Sagittarius, so there’s plenty of fire energy now! Meditation and tub soaks will help cool the nerves for those who feel a need to control the burn.

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