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One thing you’ll notice if you’ve read my posts on celebrities, is that my predictions of the demise of several of these relationships have not yet come to pass. Although in my practice I NEVER predict the outcome of a client’s relationship, in the celebrity profiles I have made a stab at doing so, with less than satisfactory results. This does not minimize the accuracy of astrological interpretations, simply the accuracy of predictions of the future.

For a while it was popular for psychics to make predictions for the new year, but we are not seeing too much of that any more. Despite what we see on the TV show Medium, which I love and watch religiously, the screen into the future remains insistently closed a great majority of the time. If we tune in to the proper frequency we can see glimmers that can be of great help to us, but predicting the future would depend upon a life that is caught in an irrevocable destiny from which we could not escape. I don’t believe that this is the case.

In the case of Malachi Ritscher, who set himself on fire to protest the war and in doing so ended his life, we can look at his chart and see where his inner complexes and difficulties led him to this sad end. A birthchart can identify areas of difficulty in a person’s life but also provides a map to help that person find the gift that is hidden underneath the burden which they have been given. At every moment we have a choice whether to take the easy road of ignorance or make the extra effort to live consciously and strive for personal evolution. The psychological complexes in the birthchart are our fate, but how we use what we are given by fate becomes our destiny.

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