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You may have seen a study by Allstate Insurance correlating driving habits to sun signs. This analysis was done by a Vedic astrologer, Carol Allen, but I have to say it doesn’t make sense to me. Aries make great drivers because they stay out of trouble? Leos are good drivers because they are generous on the road? Taurus drive the most luxurious cars? (Actually, that would be Capricorn – Taurus likes the cars that are the most comfortable and the most reliable, it’s Capricorn that seeks the status of luxury.) Perhaps it’s the Vedic astrology that makes these interpretations different than mine would be. Sun signs of course do not provide an accurate picture of ones driving habits – you can have a stable Capricorn with Uranus in the first house in square to Mars, and they will be as reckless as any fire sign.

Another insurance company in Australia did its own study described in this article by astrologer Nancy Fenn of 160,000 claimants that seems more accurate, finding Geminis to be the worst drivers (multitasking), with Taurus (stubborn) and Pisces (spacey) close behind. Capricorns were safest, probably because of their strong sense of responsibility.

Allstate has now gone further into astrology, using sun signs to predict retirement habits. This is pretty fascinating: Impulsive Aries are the most likely to say they’ve educated themselves about investing, but the least likely to save. Only 1% of Taureans, with their need for material security, have not saved for retirement. 96% of Cancers are worried about the future. 71% of Libras (me) are least likely to stick to a budget, and most likely (33%) to expect to provide financial support to family members.

These numbers are significant enough to have an impact in the public awareness about astrology, which is very exciting!!

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