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Saturn is currently undergoing the biggest storm ever seen outside of Earth, a “monster storm” that is behaving like a hurricane. reports that the storm itself is two-thirds the diameter of earth, 5,000 miles across, swirling with 350 mph winds at the South Pole of Saturn.

Saturn made the news back in February 2006 with a big storm as transiting Chiron was opposite Saturn from earth’s perspective. This event mirrored a big storm on Saturn back in 1994 when a similar dynamic was in place (see earlier article for more details).

There’s some interesting synchronicity in the timing of this storm just as the Republican leadership in the US has lost to the Democrats and the power of President Bush is on the wane. Saturn rules leadership and in Leo is associated with Kings and rulers as well. Saturn’s sojourn through Leo was predicted to instigate the downfall of those in charge and it has lived up to its reputation. Leo is also the sign of ego manifestation, making it a prevalent sign in political leaders as well as celebrities, and when the god of limitation and disappointment (Saturn) travels through the sign of ego gratification heads often roll as they are now.

I’m not claiming that a storm on Saturn will have an effect on earth, but perhaps the energies on Saturn swirling at an alarming speed illustrates the whirlwind of change that is manifesting here on earth as well. The situation in Iraq is in flux hourly, as is the political situation in the US Congress where battles are being fought over Democratic leadership positions. Saturn tests us to see if we’re strong enough to face the challenges, and we’ve certainly had our share of those this year.

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