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You may want to re-read my original article on this Transit here, and Jude Cowell at Stars Over Washington has another view which includes the Sabian Symbols for all pertinent degree points. I’ve excerpted just a part, check the link for the entire article:

Looking at the Mercury Transit chart for Nov 8, 2:15 pm, Capitol Building:

we see a rising Uranus 10Pis52 Rx = technology, Rx = recounts?; change and reform? rebellion and disruption? *Power outages, since Uranus = lightening and electricity? . . .

I’m relating this fairly rare Transit of Mercury across the Sun (leader) to the midterm elections for obvious timely reasons. And Mercury relates to paper “trails”, agreements, and as such, esp since only a hapless dolt can expect smooth running from this highly contentious melee with its hackable voting machines and its win-at-all-costs participants.

North Node, with its connection to the Public (bwo the Moon) is in first house and rising, NN 23Pis56. In horary charts, NN in first house would be considered a fortunate thing!

2:12 pm: At this Moon Hour of changes, an out-of-bounds Moon is able to act of her own accord without interference from the other energies–so will the Public hold sway? Moon is also at a critical 29th degree, 29Gem41, and as you know, communicative Gemini is often of two minds, which expresses mightily our polarized population…polarized by the “divide and conquer” model of politicians everywhere.

Wherever we find Gemini we find multiplicity (many many ballots to count?) and sometimes duplicity. In our dualistic world–also signified by Gemini, sign of the Twins–energies will express, if not within ourselves, then in our outer environment.

Sounds like good times , doesn’t it?

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