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Some people believe time is speeding up. This idea is based on observation that the difference between subjective and objective assessments of time have increased over the past decade. For instance, time seems to be flying by faster than ever, or what used to take several years to accomplish now seems to be taking place in just a couple. In the 2012 paradigm, this idea serves to correlate the prophesied dissolution of time with immediate personal observations. . . .

The combination of “days flying by” and “having come so far in so few years” contributes to our perception that time is speeding up. These may both be symptomatic of the shift from 3D to 4D if we recognize that linear time is giving way to nonlinear time, that priorities are shifting from the trivial to the spiritual in accordance with the 2012 and related paradigms. Linear time is measured in increments of trivialities such as astronomical or atomic motions, while nonlinear time is delineated in increments of freewill progressions. With a shift of priorities, trivialities fade into a repeating background pattern while spiritual events (leaps in awareness and maturity) increase in their frequency and novelty, both of which lead to the perception that time is speeding up for different reasons. . . .

There is another interesting trend worth noting, which is that the more recently a person awakens from programmed sleep and into the pursuit of truth, the more rapid his or her growth from that point onward. I know several people who started their paths in the 1960s and 70s, and it took them about two decades to complete the first pass of their research, to come full circle and finally see the bigger picture. My awakening began in 1993 and I did not reach that point until 2003, so about a decade. Those I know who began in 2001 reached it by 2004, so three years. Now I am coming across people who are doing it in under a year, sometimes just a few months. . . .

In a practical sense, for us this means we would do well to initially become better educated on matters of truth and grow more skilled in communicating them. It is a good idea to become more streamlined, discerning, and capable of providing primary sources like books, websites, videos, etc… to the receptive when the occasion arises. Why? Both to increase our capacity to meet the potential future demand, and to presently act as a channel for synchronicity to trigger the awakening and empowerment of others.

This speeding up of time has seen exponential increase in the pace of technological discoveries and the ability of humans to destroy the planet, along with an increase in the pace of spiritual growth. I have long wondered if this could have anything to do with the speeding up of Pluto’s orbit through the signs of the zodiac since Pluto rules not only personal transformation but also cataclysmic change and the death of old ways. . Pluto’s orbit is extremely elliptical, spending about 30 years in Aries and Taurus but only twelve in Scorpio and just thirteen years in Sagittarius. Pluto began its acceleration back in 1912 when it entered Cancer and spent just 25 years there and the case can definitely be made that since 1912 the world has changed at breakneck speeds.

However, if this is true then we would expect the pace of time to slow down as Pluto begins to slow down over the next ten years and it’s difficult to imagine this happening but it gives me hope to think that this could be true. Perhaps as the Plutonic process begins to slow the Ceres nurturance of the seeds of new growth can begin to take place. Pluto will begin to slow down as it enters Capricorn next year, spending only 15 years in that sign. I do have some concerns about what is likely to take place during that period as Pluto creates upheavals in the structures of our society that Capricorn rules, particularly when Pluto is squared by Uranus in 2010-2013.

Hindsight is the clearest vision and the future can never be predicted, but speculation is endlessly fascinating.

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