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I’d like to interrupt my Ceres series for a brief note on the presence of Eris in the activities surrounding the nuclear test yesterday. In looking at the chart for the test, Eris, goddess of strife and discord, is at 20 degrees Aries and Mars, god of war, is exactly opposite her at 20 degrees Libra. The missile test is widely regarded as a “provocative act,” intended to create drama and disrupt the power structure. This sounds very like the Eris of myth, who was the sister of the god Ares/Mars and went into war with him, whispering in the ears of the soldiers to inspire them to kill the enemy. She also famously threw the golden apple that started the Trojan War – one small act that resulted in ten years of war.

This of course comes right on the heels of the Aries Full Moon that includes a Mars/Sun conjunction, which is a tremendous amount of Mars and Aries influence. Mars is useful for releasing pent-up energy and creating activity that can bring resolution, although Mars in Libra can get bogged down in the building of relationships rather than taking effective action. However, Mars is approaching a harmonious aspect (sextile) to Pluto this week, linking the dynamic of action and aggression (Mars) with the transformative power of Pluto. We also have Chiron preparing to end its retrograde passage and turn direct on October 12 when its work with exposing old wounds will become more effective.

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