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This is part two in a series on the Connecticut senatorial race. See part I for Joe Lieberman.

Ned Lamont is an interesting character in this year’s political race which has come down to a referendum on Iraq and Joe Lieberman’s embrace of President Bush and his failed policies. Lamont has virtually no political experience outside of local politics (he ran unsuccessfully for the Senate in 1990), and his net work is in the hundreds of millions of dollars. So far the media has portrayed him primarily as “Not Lieberman” and as the candidate who would withdraw US troops from Iraq immediately. He has also come out in favor of health care reform and energy conservation as well as supporting biofuels as an alternative to oil.

His astrological chart gives us a clue about the real Ned Lamont. Lamont has a strong emphasis in the sign of Capricorn with four planets there including the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Chiron. Capricorn is the sign of dealing effectively in the material world. Capricorn is about discipline, responsibility, practicality and hard work. Young Capricorns are often overwhelmed by the responsibilities that life has given them, but if they shoulder the burdens they are given, their hard work and practicality can create extraordinarily successful adults.

Lamont’s Mars (showing his drive and aggressive instinct) is in the intense sign of Scorpio, a placement that is passionate and driven. Mars conjuncts Saturn which, like Capricorn which it rules, is associated with discipine and success but in conjunction with Mars it can also have the effect of inhibiting one’s energy and drive. This can be frustrating in the short term, although in the long run it instills patience and a careful attention to one’s plans so that they can be completed.

Although Lamont comes from generations of real money (his was the sixth generation to attend the prestigious Exeter academy), he is a true entrepreneur. He began his cable company from scratch and worked actively in every part of the business. He views the political landscape as though it were a business: watch the budget, invest in human resources and the work force, listen to the customers (the voters). Identify the challenges and offer real solutions – these are true Capricorn qualities.

Lamont’s Moon is in Sagittarius showing that despite his focus on work he has an adventurous streak and an inner longing to be free to travel. We don’t know exactly where his Moon is because we don’t know his birth time, but it is almost certainly in harmonious aspect (trine) to Pluto in his chart. Pluto is the god of the underworld, representing power and transformation. The trine to the Moon brings a deepening of his inner power and a strengthening of his inner world.

Mercury and Venus are in tight conjunction as they are in Lieberman’s chart, aligning communication with an ability to relate to others. This is obviously an excellent characteristic in a politician, and the Mercury/Venus combination demonstrates his ability to communicate his thoughts and values to others so that they can be understood. However, Scorpio is a fixed sign and Lamont will be stubborn and unyielding in his opinions and it may be difficult for him to negotiate with others.

Jupiter in the birthchart shows where we are optimistic, where we find meaning in life and make our fortune. Lamont’s Jupiter is in Gemini where it makes no aspects to any other planets except possibly to his Sagittarius Moon. An individual with an unaspected Jupiter, while very idealistic and innocent in many ways, may be unable to experience the lightness of Jupiter and may tend to feel weighed down by life and somewhat of a loner. This is exacerbated by the restrictive Capricorn emphasis on responsibility and in the chart. He is also likely lacking in self-confidence and maybe somewhat single-pointed in his views.

Another interesting point is the near-exact square of the new planet Eris to Lamont’s Mercury/Venus conjunction. If my hypothesis about Eris holds true, that Eris represents the small discordant acts that have an ultimate significant effect to transform our lives, then the challenging aspects such as the square would give us a more negative manifestation of those small acts. Perhaps the Eris square creates a situation where he gets in his own way and is unable to effect the changes he desires and then, lacking confidence, becomes stuck doing what he knows best rather than taking the big plunge.

I suspect that the lack of self-confidence has hindered Lamont’s entry into public life. After his failure to win the Senate seat in 1990 he dropped out of politics until his sudden decision to run against Lieberman. Still, the strong Capricorn emphasis gives him a dogged determination that is not easily daunted.

Lamont is experiencing some very positive planetary cycles this year. Transiting Pluto last year began a trine to Lamont’s natal Pluto, facilitating the expansion of his personal empowerment and facilitating his ability to transform his life in accordance with his highest aspirations. Uranus has been in harmonious aspect (sextile) to Lamont’s Sun all year, encouraging him to try the unexpected and offering unusual opportunities. And most significantly for the election, Saturn began a sextile to Jupiter in Lamont’s chart – giving form (Saturn) to opportunity (Jupiter) and deepening his self confidence.

Lamont narrowly won the primary against Joe Lieberman, the incumbent Democratic candidate, who shortly thereafter announced his candidacy as an independent. Polls have shown Lamont as far as 20 points behind Lieberman, who enjoys strong support from the Republican side of the aisle. With the news from Iraq becoming more depressing every day, recent polls showed Lamont as few as six points behind Lieberman. However, Friday’s polls showed him slipping back behind Lieberman whose support from Republicans could push him over the top. In fact, with Schlesinger (the GOP candidate) polling with only 4 percent of the vote, Lieberman will be the favored Republican candidate.

One difficult cycle for Lamont right now is the square of Chiron (wounding and healing) to Lamont’s Saturn (self-doubt and determination). Chiron transits can be painful: they force us to face the demons of the past in order to become fully healed and release the energy that is held in those old wounds. He is vulnerable to personal attacks in this race, and this could pose a problem for him as we near election day. In addition, right at election time Saturn will conjunct Pluto, showing a big change is coming for him that could be overwhelming. This could mean he will win the election or that he will lose, it’s difficult to predict. There are a number of Jupiter events just before the election that will be liberating and offer opportunities for him, so if I had to put money on this race my money would be on Lamont.

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