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North Korea conducted a successful nuclear weapons test this morning, resulting in a 3.58 tremor on the Richter scale as measured in South Korea. Although Kim Jong Il has been warning for some time that this was coming, few in the US government have taken him seriously. (It does seem ironic to me that of the three countries in the so-called Axis of Evil, the only one we invaded is the one that does not have nuclear weapons.)

The chart for the weapons test shows Pluto rising in the first house with a Sagittarius ascendant, demonstrating the ideological component of the launch. The symbology of Pluto, god of destruction, in the first house of identity is all too perfect. The chart shows the T-square between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune as they all collide for one final time to battle over the fate of leaders and nations (Saturn in Leo represents the fall of the king). The Moon in Taurus is opposite Mercury

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