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The New Moon in Libra occurs on October 22 at 1:14 am EST, but the initiatory energy of the New Moon is available now. With the Sun and Moon conjunct in Libra, the focus is on harmony and balance. The New Moon is conjunct Mars, once again energizing this lunation and offering an added boost to its magickal properties. This is a particularly focused Moon event (no oppositions are present in the chart). In addition, Mercury is conjunct Jupiter (both in Scorpio) and approaching a square to Saturn on October 23 which will bring our attention to the final event in the Jupiter/Saturn cycle. There is a struggle now between the expansive mind of Jupiter and the doubt and fear of Saturn. The New Moon can shed light on this struggle and with Mars can energize a resolution.

On October 23 the Sun and Mars both leave Libra for the intensity of Scorpio, following closely on the 24th by Venus as we head into the darker season of the underworld. Scorpio, like its ruler Pluto, is associated with the Underworld of darkness, both literal and psychological. Scorpio fearlessly travels into the depths of the subconscious and is associated with the season of Samhain, the end of the Celtic year where the veils between the world are at their thinnest. The conjunction of the Sun, Mars and Venus in Scorpio is a pointed reminder that there is more to life than our superficial experiences, and with five planets in Scorpio (including Mercury and Jupiter) the intensity will be palpable. Scorpio tends to be an introverted sign and we are now drawn inward to face the drama within. Remember too Mercury is preparing to retrograde (see previous article) which will accelerate the inward focus.

This period also marks the final point of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle (read more about that here) which has brought about an adjustment in the way we balance our optimism (Jupiter) and pragmatism (Saturn). This cycle has witnessed rapid swings in the world economic systems and financial markets, and this is likely to peak in October after which things should stabilize. On a more personal level, the Jupiter/Saturn cycle has caused most of us to make adjustments in the way in which we view the world which will begin to take a new shape over the next few months as Saturn approaches a trine to Pluto next year.

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