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I’ve just found another great blog called Karmic Knowledge linked to this one. Leslie expands on the nodal axis in Rumsfeld chart today with a link to a fantastic article by Stan Goff who is a fellow North Carolinian and wonderful social activist. Stan writes “of Rumsfeld’s reliance on military “metrics,” a reductionist strategy that has played a major role in creating the quagmire that now plagues the so-called war on terror. He also examines Rumsfeld’s insistence on controlling the public’s perceptions. “

Leslie explores the karmic indicators of Rumsfeld’s chart:

Rumsfeld’s South Node in Virgo in the 9th house of beliefs is most certainly the karmic marker of his faith in the power of metrics. Virgo likes precision. Virgo can be inflexible and can exaggerate the importance of details, analysis and accuracy. It’s important to remember that the South Node denotes the karmic Achilles Heel, the possible past life pitfall. Falling into the 9th house, this can manifest as self-righteous dogma for Rumsfeld.

If Rumsfeld remains ferociously atttached to the idea that he has the perfect plan from which there must be no deviation, he will not create order and success, only more chaos. For him, dependence on fallible technology and theoretical numerics is a sure road to failure. Success will come for Rumsfeld when he learns to let go of his need to be right and develops trust in the instinctual (Pisces North Node).

You may want to go back and read my own take on Rumsfeld and the presence of Eris in his chart as well.

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